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14 Best Free Anime Apps no Ads to Watch Anime

14 Best Free Anime Apps no Ads to Watch Anime [2023 Updated]

There are numerous anime streaming and download sites available that let users watch anime films and series in various ways. Most people choose to watch anime directly on websites that broadcast it, download it from torrents to see offline, or use standalone programs to watch it on portable devices. The most compelling aspects of anime applications, in contrast to the other two approaches, are typically their greater replay features, high levels of interaction, and mobile device compatibility. Furthermore, some apps load the cached data to enable offline playback. We’ve selected 14 fantastic free anime applications. Each of these choices has unique qualities and functions on various platforms. Select the option that best suits your needs.

14 Good Free Anime Apps no Ads to Watch Anime on Android and iPhone

1. Crunchyroll App

Western anime enthusiasts can find the largest legal subtitled anime website, Crunchyroll, on this platform. The Crunchyroll app continues to demonstrate excellent competitiveness despite receiving mixed reviews from consumers since its inception because to its extensive library, support for simulcasts, and original programming. Crunchyroll offers three ad-free subscription options at varying rates in addition to being free with advertisements.

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2. VRV

A number of well-known video streaming services, such as Cartoon Hangover, Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Mondo, and Rooster Teeth, are combined into VRV. Its resources include exclusive VRV Select in the meantime. While VRV provides over 20,000 hours of free video with advertisements for viewers to binge watch, only subscribers who have upgraded to VRV Premium, which costs $9.99 per month, can access all of the popular channels. VRV comes with an offline viewing feature for iOS and Android.

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3. AnimeLab

Where can I legally view anime? You can also try AnimeLab in addition to the two solutions mentioned above. All widely used mobile device platforms and operating systems have complete support for it. This app for anime is a great way to quickly catch up on classic titles and simulcasts. On it, you can watch an episode offline as well. The Free and Premium account choices are available. It literally lets viewers watch anime for free with embedded advertisements or subscribe to AnimeLab Premium to stream HD anime uninterrupted. AnimeLab is currently accessible in Australia and New Zealand.

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4. AnimeZone

AnimeZone is your best option if you’re seeking for an anime software that is completely free and has no adverts. With a smooth and snappy user interface and a comprehensive set of practical viewing and playlist features to satisfy most needs, including MAL-sync, external player integration, UI customization, and anime batch download, AnimeZone is an Android software for downloading and streaming anime. On this website, you can enjoy a vast library of high-quality anime. Even better, the development team at AnimeZone regularly updates and maintains the app. Additionally, new episodes are often added. Among Android users, AnimeZone is one of the most downloaded free anime applications.

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5. Anime X Stream

Another popular free anime software available for Android is called Anime X Stream. Users can enjoy a simple and ad-free anime viewing experience with it. You may easily navigate to desired categories and discover your favorite anime with the aid of Anime X Stream’s user-friendly design. There are numerous popular anime series and films available there in various quality levels. Anime X Stream, however, is compatible with Dark mode. There is no registration needed to stream anime on Anime X Stream.

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6. AnimeUltima

One of the most popular websites for free anime streaming is AnimeUltima. Its mobile-friendly website and app both function nicely. Episodes load quickly on the AnimeUltima app, which has access to the same extensive library and sources as the official website. This app has fast streaming servers and an integrated tracking mechanism. The majority of the content on site is in excellent 1080p resolution. Furthermore, the AnimeUltima app’s slick and responsive user interface has received great praise.

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7. FireAnime

One well-known anime app for free anime viewing is FireAnime, which comes in many versions for Android TVs and smartphones. To enhance the viewing experience, the program gathers links from well-known free anime websites like Gogoanime and 4Anime and removes advertisements. Regularly, new news segments are added to the main interface. You can make your own watchlist, choose from a variety of video servers and resolutions to see an episode, or stream the links using third-party players like MxPlayer and VLC.

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8. Anime Boya

This is a brand-new anime streaming and download app. You can use it to download up to 12 episodes at once or watch a variety of new and popular anime. There are numerous servers and resolutions for anime content. Anime Boya also adds a helpful watchlist option. To arrange the anime you have available, you can make lists such as Favorites, Completed, Watching, Dropped, and so on. The program will also provide you with the history of the anime you have lately seen. Anime Boya shares many of its competitors’ sophisticated features, such as ongoing anime schedules, MAL and AniList sync, and connection with external players.

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9. AnimeGlare

There aren’t many anime apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android, and AnimeGlare is unquestionably the greatest anime software available for iPhone and iPad users. Because of its powerful ability to scrape content from many anime hosting websites, AnimeGlare—which is most recognized for its good and easily configurable user interface complete with custom themes—is a great place where you can conveniently access a broad selection of anime. Most of the time, there is an extraordinarily high load speed. One more feature worth mentioning is that you may watch your favorite anime on the move by syncing your video progress with the MyAnimeList and Simkl trackers using this free software.

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10. AnYme

AnYme, a unique anime app, is here. It is a client app for MyAnimeList, which can be used to organize anime, including keeping track of anime releases, discovering related anime, reading detailed information (score, rating, broadcast date, adaptations, sequels, etc.) on anime series or movies, locating popular titles, tracking the anime schedule, and more. At the moment, it does not have the ability to stream anime. AnYme was really the best-ranked free anime streaming service for Android for a while, but due to legal troubles, it changed its identity to become a legally compliant anime information source. It is still compatible with other anime apps, so feel free to add it to your collection.

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11. AnimeDLR

Users can stream and download anime series and films from a variety of anime sources on AnimeDLR’s site. Numerous well-known brands in this industry, including Animepahe, Animedao, Gogoanime, Kissanime, and 9anime, are covered in its source collection. With this app, you may watch anime online or offline in a variety of quality options, from 360P to 1080P. AnimeDLR is a great app to download anime on Android, without a doubt.

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12. AnimeFever

A new and rapidly expanding anime service is called AnimeFever. In contrast to other websites, it does not provide indexes to outside sources; instead, it encodes and hosts content on its own. Even though AnimeFever doesn’t have as many shows as other of the hottest selections in the lineup, their collection of around 1200 series is still amazing and allows fans to watch the majority of popular anime online. With its advanced features like MAL & AniList sync, dark mode, in-app downloads, Google & Apple ID registration, anime list, etc., AnimeFever is another full-featured anime source. Additionally, AnimeFever has introduced a paid subscription plan that enables users to download episodes offline, watch full HD anime without commercials, and access a number of additional services. Both Android and iOS users can download the AnimeFever app.

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13. Animania

On your Android devices, you can also use Animenia to stream and download anime series. An program called Animenia makes it easy to watch anime for free both online and offline. With the exception of the playback history feature, general search filters, and compatibility for both external and built-in players, there are no longer any eye-catching features. However, Animania enables you to quickly access a vast library of anime episodes.

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14. Animedroid

Animedroid is an app you can try if you’re looking for some free anime series or movies to pass the time on your Android phone. In addition to being an anime streaming software, it offers direct download options, allowing you to store episodes for later offline viewing. Animedroid offers several language-diverse third-party source providers. Quality of videos varies. If subbed or dubbed anime is an option, you can play it with external players as well. The overwhelming amount of intrusive advertising banners on Animedroid is its lone drawback. For that reason, it’s merely a choice.

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