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Top 12 Apps Like MeetMe for Android and iOS in 2024

Top 12 Apps Like MeetMe for Android and iOS in 2023

Top 12 Apps Like MeetMe for Android and iOS in 2023

MeetMe is a fantastic way to connect and talk with new people in your area. It offers a plethora of options for live streaming, video chatting, and matching users with similar interests. However, you could wish to look for apps like meetme and have a different experience for whatever reason.

The majority of these substitutes function apps like meetme. Better more, they offer comparable features as well. You will discover the greatest tools to download if you want to improve your chatting experience and meet new people. Proceed to scroll!

Best and Most Entertaining Apps Like MeetMe

We’ve compiled the top apps like meetme for both iOS and Android. MeetMe is limited to meeting individuals in your area; however, you can meet people locally and worldwide with the following applications. Looking forward to seeing them? You may find the list here.

1. Lovoo

The greatest conversation and dating app for living your life might be Lovoo. It has been downloaded over 50 million times alone on the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular apps for dating and meeting new people. owing to a number of elements that increase the enjoyment of dating and flirting.

You must make a dating profile before going on thrilling dates. To get noticed, introduce yourself and post your finest photos. Next, locate a partner nearby by using the radar. If you’re not into dating, Lovoo is a fantastic app for meeting new people in your community.

There are two versions of this app: Premium and Free. With Lovoo Premium, you can do even more, including hide profile visits, see who has seen your profile, and remove advertisements. But Lovoo’s free edition is more than sufficient to find mates if you don’t want to spend a penny.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

2. Badoo

MeetMe’s free app Badoo allows you to meet, date, and communicate with new people. It provides an excellent space for you to be authentic, allowing other people to see you as you truly are. This chat application enables you to have genuine talks and go on honest dates by facilitating uncensored connections.

apps like meetme, and Badoo facilitate local singles meetings. To begin a conversation or end it, swipe right or left. You can also enjoy yourself with video calling thanks to the video chat option. Additionally, choose to communicate with just verified profiles if you struggle with trust.

Every user will experience safety because Badoo automatically recognizes private photographs, blurs them, and alerts users before they access them. Badoo need to be on your list of apps if you’re searching for a dating service that provides genuine relationships and a secure community.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

3. Waplog

With Waplog, making new friends and networking is a cinch. With over 90 million users globally, this chat app offers you direct connection to individuals from all over the world. Waplog provides a convenient way to meet new people or locate locals.

Among its many important advantages is the ability to view verified profiles for safe and secure dating. It also provides video chat so you may socialize with strangers. It also has Waplog tales, which let you share your best moments with strangers or others in your immediate vicinity.

Unlimited chats for boasting with other users is one of this app’s best features. Waplog translator can help you translate your chats so you can avoid language obstacles. This app makes it easier to say hello to individuals around the world whenever you want to.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

4. Wink

Apps like meetme, Wink is an app that enables you to communicate with random people and make new acquaintances. It only takes a few swipes to connect with new people and strike up a discussion. Wink is a fantastic software to use whether you want to make friends worldwide or locate locals.

With its integrated messaging, you may send GIFs, audio messages, pictures, and icebreakers. Alternatively, if you use Snapchat, you may quickly add Wink pals and have fun having discussions. Wink also enables you to purchase new backgrounds and even plant actual trees with gems!

Additionally, you can personalize your profile to have others swipe right to become friends with you if you want to attract attention. To make it easier for people with similar interests to find you, pick your best photo profile, make changes to your bio, and provide a list of your interests.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

5. Yubo

Use Yubo to connect with strangers via live streaming. With the help of this social network, you can make new acquaintances who share your interests whether they live nearby or are spread out across the globe. Yubo helps you reach your objectives if you need a little social time without having to leave your house.

On Yubo, new features are added. It now offers a YouTube stream feature that lets you view videos on YouTube and share your favorite moments with pals. Lenses are another option for sharing your appearance when live streaming. This functionality is being offered by Yubo in collaboration with Snapchat.

Additionally, you and up to ten others can launch a webcast. Create genuine friendships by interacting with your pals by singing, dancing, or sharing stories about your days. You may have a lot of fun with Yubo by playing entertaining games like photo guessing or drawing quizzes!

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

6. Twoo

With over 10 million downloads, Twoo is a reliable chat software for establishing new connections and meeting people. In addition to engaging in a stimulating conversation, you may watch millions of livestreamers. Enjoy a more fulfilling social life by connecting with millions of people in one location.

You can do a lot of things using Twoo, including match with others and discover new individuals to broadcast. It can also initiate a discussion and view who has viewed your profile. Discover if one of them can be your true best friend for eternity by sending them a free message.

Twoo lets you share moments and send movies if text messages aren’t enough. This is among the greatest apps for connecting with strangers and having conversations with the people you like.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

7. Hoop

Hoop is a social network for using Snapchat to make new friends and explore different cultures. This software allows you to do a plethora of activities, like building your network and making Snapchat buddies. Just ask the profile to establish a connection.

You can use this MeetMe-like software to experience Snapchat in a new way. You can keep your username hidden while you ask for others’. You have the option to deny a user’s request for your username or to accept and have Hoop deliver it to them. You may maintain control over your privacy in this way.

What’s not to like? With Hoop, you may gather diamonds to request the Snapchat usernames of others. There are a few methods to gather diamonds, like watching videos, launching Hoop daily, and sharing your profile. In order to get diamonds on Hoop, you can also invite 20 friends.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

8. Yalla

Although Yalla operates somewhat differently from MeetMe, it is essentially a pleasant social network. Yalla offers voice chat rooms so you may engage in real-time voice conversation with your community, instead of just text messaging. Naturally, if you don’t like texting or typing, this might be your best bet.

Yalla allows you to find millions of chat rooms with individuals from all around the world. Chat rooms can be filtered based on countries or subjects that interest you. You can choose from a wide range of topics and more than 50 nations, so you can limit your conversation to kind individuals who share your interests.

Yalla still has its text chat feature where you can share text messages and photographs, even though it has convenient voice chats. With Yalla, you can do a lot more activities like play games with random people, send virtual presents as a way to express your gratitude, and use the integrated Share and Follow buttons.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

9. Ablo

Ablo turns as a fantastic resource for making connections with people worldwide. Through this social network, you can locate strangers, establish friends, and interact with locals while discovering different cultures. This app contains all you need to meet folks from Africa or say hello to Brazilians.

Regarding the language barrier, don’t worry. Even when you speak in your native tongue, Ablo offers a translation so that other users may comprehend you. Just strike up a discussion, find common ground, and enjoy yourself with a new acquaintance. It’s interesting to note that Ablo can also translate your live video!

This program is really simple to use. To find out what’s intriguing, just watch videos and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Have the courage to show the world who you are, and see if any of those people end up being your best friend.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

10. Swipr

Swipr can help you have a better Snapchat experience. With the aid of this software, you may increase your Snapchat community and have more fun by making more friends. To initiate a conversation with new acquaintances from across the globe, simply swipe to the right.

You can swipe and match on Swipr to make new friends. After a brief exchange of messages on Swipr, you may also add friends and share photographs on Snapchat.

Also, this service offers an HMU website for you to express yourself if you want to meet more friends. Just make your community better and promote the HMU page.

Download on Google Play / Download on the App Store

11. Wizz

Wizz is an iPhone app that enhances your social life. You can quickly meet new individuals and form friendships. Select a friend with whom to chat so that you can communicate more effectively. To improve the chat experience, you can also send photographs or discuss interests.

Enhance interaction by personalizing your profile. Select your best photo, make any necessary updates to your bio, and include your interests to pique users’ curiosity. Wizz automatically removes any offensive information to create a safe environment.

Download on the App Store

12. Spotafriend

For teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19, this is one of the greatest apps for meeting locals. With the adolescents app, you can meet and talk with over 2 million teenagers. Be best friends, swipe right through people, and strike up a chat.

Spotafriend can be the ideal social media site for improving your interpersonal abilities. The practical features that are available to you make it easier than ever to connect with fascinating people. Since this is not an adult dating app, there is no need to be concerned about security. The best part is that you can get this software for free!

Download on the App Store


Question 1: What Type of Website Is MeetMe?

Meetme is a dating app and social networking site where people may meet and go on dates. This website was started in 2005 by the Meet group. Users of this website can communicate with each other for free by chatting. This app is available for use on mobile devices as well as PCs and laptops.

2. Is MeetMe Free To Use For Dating?

Indeed, MeetMe App is a free dating service that is accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices. Members of this online dating service can meet new people.

Q3. Is it Possible to Look Up Someone on MeetMe?

No, there isn’t a search feature on this app to find a particular user. On the other hand, you can look for someone in your messages if you’ve previously messaged them. After selecting the chat, select Profile.

Question4: Is MeetMe Unknown?

With over 100 million users, the MeetMe app started off as a dating service before becoming the most widely used chat app.

5. What is the MeetMe app’s age?

An extremely old dating and chat app is called MeetMe. It costs nothing to download and use this app. Nevertheless, there are some advertisements and in-app purchases. Users of iOS and Android smartphones can download and utilize this software. Make sure your kids aren’t using this app because it’s not meant for children.

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