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Top 10 Best FTP Clients for Android in 2024

One of the many things that Android is capable of accomplishing is keeping an FTP connection. The process of downloading or uploading files may be automated with a variety of FTP programs for Android. If you wish to manage your files on your smartphone, this might be quite helpful.

File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is essential for posting to and receiving data from any server. To maintain a connection and send files, it employs two separate ports on the host computer and a distant server.

It is advantageous to easily build and change different client projects. Which FTP client is being used has a direct impact on how secure a connection is.

Best FTP Clients for Android in 2024 list

For PCs and desktops, a variety of FTP Clients are available. However, there may be situations when you need instant access from your phone to a certain host server. These Android FTP clients will assist you in these situations if you are utilizing a smartphone to fix your issue.

1. AndFTP

This Android FTP client offers exceptional reliability and a highly user-friendly interface. Users may upload and download files directly from the host server using AndFTP, which also offers useful features like synchronization and sharing in addition to assistance.

Almost all protocols, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP, are supported. You may execute custom commands in addition to renaming and deleting items. It also enables you to continue your downloading in the event that the user encounters any connectivity troubles. It also offers multilingual help.

Download AndFTP

2. AntTek

Even though this program has been on the market for a while, people still like it because of how well it works and performs. It has a very basic User Interface that is comparable to AndFTP and makes starting a new session straightforward. SFTP is also supported.

All of your folders are visible on the screen, and making new folders, uploading files, downloading files, etc. is simple, saving users a lot of time. Android 2.2 and all subsequent versions support this app.

Download AntTek

3. Turbo FTP Client

Another well-known option on this list is the Turbo FTP client. Both the FTP and SFTP protocols are supported. It offers a lovely User Interface that is intuitive to use and artistically designed.

Regular updates and a variety of features are offered by Turbo FTP Client for Android. It may be an excellent choice for all Android users and offers a text editor in addition to some beautiful themes.

Download Turbo FTP

4. ES File Explorer

As the name implies, ES File Explorer is a highly popular file manager that can also be used as an FTP Client, allowing Android users to perform two separate tasks with a single app. You may connect to any host server and manage your local files.

You must provide all of your information in order to connect to the server, but it is convenient. Additionally, manufacturers integrate it as the standard file manager in a lot of handsets. For Android 4.0 and all later versions of Android, there is Es File Explorer.

Download ES File Explorer

5. Easy FTP Client

The last app on our list, Easy FTP Client for Android, may also be the best option. It includes a user interface that looks nice and is very simple to use. You only need to input all of your credentials and choose the Check option to be ready. You get 3GB of free data transfer and it supports wifi or mobile for file transfers.

Download Easy FTP Client

6. Advanced Client – Admin Hands

A fantastic FTP client for Android that has all of the desktop functionality is called Admin Hands. The FTP library is accessible and is also yours to alter as you like. The user interface is simple and gives the impression that you are working on a genuine PC.

In addition to the UI elements, batch processing is simple. This covers several removals, updating, changing permissions, and much more. Try it out and decide for yourself.

Download Advanced Client – Admin Hands

7. Termius – SSH/SFTP

An FTP client called Terminus was created with security and advanced encryption in mind. This is the method you sound familiar with using if you’re attempting to access a secured service. They support the encryption algorithms ECDSA, ed25519, and chacha20-poly1305 and support bash control for local terminals.

Termius is an all-in-one tool for your FTP requirements because it supports SSH, Mosh, and TELNET protocols in addition to the conventional FTP.

Download Termius – SSH/SFTP

8. FTP Server

This is a powerful tool that makes it simple to view and share files online. The FTP Client has a ton of functionality to discuss. Any network interface, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Tethering, can access an uncomplicated service provided by FTP Server.

Additionally, it enables several FTP users as well as different pathways for each user. Your router’s ports are automatically opened after you enable the service on your device. Additionally, you may eliminate adverts from the specific choice on the About page, which provides a clean experience.

Download FTP Server

9. FTP Cafe

On the list, FTP Cafe is a relatively more established moniker. But over time, it has consistently offered a dependable service. However, since FTP Cafe keeps everything really organized and practical, you might require a better UI. Multiple files and folders can be transferred simultaneously.

Additionally, it supports resumed file transmission, which is highly beneficial, especially if your network is problematic.

Download FTP Cafe

10. Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

Another excellent Android program you can use to manage websites is HTTP, FTP, and SSH. It is a versatile software with strong utilities including an HTTP tester, a web performance tester, a source code editor, SSH, etc. It supports SFTP, FTP, and FTPS when it comes to the FTP functionalities.

The best feature of Web Tools: FTP, SSH, and HTTP is that it offers a variety of multi-functional tools to manage your sites, including the ability to monitor your reliable website through IP address and control servers using the SSH client, among other things.

Download Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP

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