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Top 15 Picrew Alternatives in 2023

Avatars used as profile photographs may be highly captivating and attractive to various audiences. Additionally, they might aid in conveying a certain message about a person or brand.

Because they enable almost anybody to design anime avatars for use on gaming sites, chat rooms, and even social media platforms, systems like Picrew have seen a sharp increase in popularity.

But even a well-liked platform like Picrew has its drawbacks. For example, it does not provide users with the option to select from a variety of avatar styles. Additionally, users may only download files in PNG format.

Fortunately, there are a number of substitutes that provide avatar builders, regardless of expertise level, with an even better experience.

Join us as we examine the top Picrew Alternatives in this post today.

Picrew Alternatives at their Best

1. Colorcinch

Probably one of the most well-known character and avatar creators online right now is Colorcinch, formerly known as Cartoonize. The fact that you may begin working on your project without having to create an account is one of the nicest things about utilizing it.

Of course, registering allows you to access additional features and options, but not everyone finds that to be desirable. You may upload your own photos to Colorcinch, unlike Picrew, and have them transformed into cartoon characters or avatars.

Utilizing the platform’s capabilities, you may also build an original character devoid of any references. After creating your cartoon character or avatar, you may adjust things to your liking using the picture editing tools on the platform.

For example, you may add color to provide depth and clarity, or crop your photos to meet specific measurements. Additionally, you have the choice to hide text that might jeopardize the integrity of your finished design.

You may export any avatar or picture to the majority of internet platforms, including social networking and gaming websites, with ease using this platform. The picture is also available for download in a variety of file formats.

The fact that this program lets you operate both online and offline is another amazing feature. Additionally, making characters or avatars is a snap because to its straightforward but user-friendly design.

2. DiceBear

DiceBear is a fantastic substitute that you might consider while making avatars. With a vast collection of templates at your disposal, it’s one of the easiest platforms to work on.

With over 20 distinct avatar styles available on this platform, you can be sure to find something that complements your theme. Big ears, explorer, humorous emoji, forms, personalities, pixel art, and thumbs are a few of the possible designs.

As soon as you visit the website, you may begin making avatars by selecting one of the many themes. This might involve making little adjustments to give the characters a unique appearance or extensive editing to change the perspective as a whole.

Avatars may have their appearance changed by adding ears, changing the dress’s color, adding a hat, and other accessories. Another choice is to start from scratch when making an avatar.

The ability to utilize any of your images as a background is one feature that sets this platform apart from others, such as Picrew. As an alternative, you may add initials or a brief sentence by overlaying a text box.

DiceBear features tools for both novice and experienced developers, and its UI is straightforward. To guarantee that you always have excellent sight even while working in dimly light environments, the website features a dark mode.

3. Avataaars Generator

Avataaars Generator is the next Picrew Alternatives that you ought to check about. For anyone looking to create a whimsical avatar for their social networking presence, this is the best choice.

Its easy-to-use interface offers a plethora of customization choices to streamline the avatar creation process. You may choose from a wide selection of avatars that are already on the internet using this platform.

You may alter a character’s skin tone, hair color, facial expression, attire, and other features after you’ve found the perfect fit. Additionally, you may choose whether you want the face of your character to be displayed on a translucent or circular backdrop.

Avataaars Generator offers you the option to download your picture in PNG or SVG format, which is a little difference from Picrew, which downloads photos in PNG format by default.

As an alternative, you may post your photos straight to social media without having to download them first. This specific platform is perfect for those who are new to the realm of creating avatars and is free to use.

4. Avachara

Avachara is the next item in our list of the top Picrew Alternatives. You may quickly make anime characters for personal use with this other free web application.

This tool’s ability to be used without requiring account registration is one of its finest features. Alternatively, simply go to the website and explore around to familiarize yourself with the features and functionalities at your disposal.

You have the option of making anime portraits or avatars for your profile images. You can use one of the many seed templates available in Avachara to craft the character you’ve always wanted.

Before you begin creating the character’s eyes, lips, and skin tone, for example, you can select from a variety of head forms. After completing the fundamentals, you may select the proper attire and color.

You even get to choose whether or not your persona needs accessories. One feature that sets this program apart from Picrew is its ability to download picture files in both PNG and JPEG formats.

You may even obtain your photographs in SVG format, which is very useful if you intend to utilize them on a desktop.

5. Superherotar

Superhero character creation is the primary emphasis of Superherotar. Fortunately, you don’t have to create your own superhero from start because it offers hundreds of superhero templates to select from.

Among the superheroes that may be found on this platform are Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Ironman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman.

The site uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist you choose the perfect character by letting you enter the character’s initial name and having the system create results based on that name.

When you finish creating your avatar, the system provides you with a choice of suggested names to choose from in addition to creating characters based on the initial name you enter.

The ability to build full-body avatars on this platform is another amazing feature. In the unlikely event that none of the characters on the platform appeal to you, you may create a custom avatar for your profile photo using the avatar builder.

Characters made on this platform may be utilized in social networking platforms, virtual worlds, chat rooms, and online gaming sites, among other digital spaces.

6. is yet another excellent Picrew Alternatives that you may utilize. You may make as many avatars as you like using this web-based program.

Because it makes use of Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG, its avatar generator works with all current web browsers. This technique also has the benefit of not being dependent on the screen resolution of your device.

As an alternative, you may utilize it to produce excellent photographs that work on whatever platform you choose. You may download your avatars in PNG or SVG file formats after you’ve created them, or anybody else who has the required rights.

You may use this platform to submit your own photographs and then utilize the offered tools to edit them anyway you see fit. You may also replicate anything you find intriguing by using the available avatar templates.

The platform also features an avatar creator that lets you build avatars from scratch. You may use this as an excellent opportunity to show off your skills and engage in creative expression., in contrast to Picrew, boasts a clear user experience devoid of annoying pop-up advertisements or distracting images. Because of the site’s high level of responsiveness, you may do a variety of activities quickly and easily.

This platform lets you password-protect your photos because it values your privacy and security. Additionally, it is multilingual, making it simple for users of many nations to access.

7. Portrait Illustration Maker

If you’d want to make engaging cartoon avatars, you may also check out the amazing Portrait Illustration Maker website. For ease of use, the website is available in more than five languages.

The fact that there is no registration needed to use this website is one of its finest features. It is easy to use even for those without any prior knowledge because to its straightforward layout and properly labeled components.

You will be presented with a selection of construction components as soon as you land on the website. These include variations in hair color and head shape.

If you are at all confused about which template to use, you may view a variety of already generated characters by clicking on the randomizer section.

Next, you have the option to either modify the pre-existing character or begin again and gradually create a fully realized cartoon avatar. You are free to use the website and make as many avatars as you like because there are no limits.

Portrait Illustration Maker lets you save your photos in PNG, JPG, and even GIF formats, unlike Picrew, which uploads photographs in PNG format by default. The characters you make are yours to use on your blog or social networking accounts.

8. kusoCartoon

KusoCartoon can be the best option for you if you’re searching for a Picrew Alternatives that doesn’t demand a lot of hands-on work. You may work on it without creating an account, and it is free to use.

Nevertheless, registering guarantees that your avatars in the public gallery are not shared with other people. You may use it to create cartoon avatars off of your images.

All you need to do to utilize this tool is go to the website and upload the picture you want used as your avatar. After selecting the avatar’s color or monochrome style, press the enter key.

It will take a few seconds for the system to scan your photo and display your finished avatar. Due to the procedure’ total automation, you don’t need to bother about altering anything.

This site’s ability to let you make a photo collage so you can always have your avatars or photos on a lovely display is another amazing feature.

9. Avatoon

Another tool worth trying is Avatoon. You may use it to create avatars on the internet.

It differs from Picrew, though, in that it is available in a mobile version that works with both iOS and Android smartphones. Because of this, it’s a handy tool for making avatars while on the go.

You only need to go through your photo library and select the picture you want to use as your avatar to create one using this program. After uploading the image, let the program turn it into a cartoon avatar for you.

You may also choose to upload a photo and manually transform it into an avatar. The website provides all the tools you need to edit, remove, and add elements from your images in order to make them meet the requirements for a suitable avatar.

A third option allows you to design a cartoon avatar using any character that is accessible on the website. You will have access to more than 600 clothing options, 300 pairs of shoes, and 300 accessories when creating your own character.

You can make avatars entirely for free using Avatoon. To begin utilizing it, in fact, you do not even need to register.

10. South Park Avatar Creator

Another web-based tool for creating original avatars and characters is South Park Avatar Creator. It differs from Picrew, among other things, in that its characters are drawn from the first few seasons of the television series South Park.

It is not necessary to create an account in order to use this program. Of course, if you’d want to be informed when updates about the show and the app itself happen, you may always register.

As soon as you visit the website, you may click on the creator area to see the various templates and building blocks for creating your own avatar. A simple body form, eyes, mouths, clothing, headgear, and other accessories are a few of them.

Simply clicking on the objects you choose to add to the primary human figure will allow you to design your character. When you’re done making the avatar, post it straight to your social network accounts or store it to the cloud, if you have an account.

11. SuperMii

SuperMii is a cartoon avatar creator that lets you create a one-of-a-kind image for your website, gaming business, or social networking accounts.

SuperMii is accessible not only as an online tool but also as a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The ability to view hundreds of avatars made by users from all around the world is among the finest features of this site. This may serve as a useful inspiration source.

Some artists even permit other users to build upon their avatars to create something even more customized or outstanding. You must decide between a male and female character before you can begin to create your avatar.

After that, you may begin altering the character by adding effects, hair, skin tone, clothing style, face expression, and accessories. The capabilities and functionalities of SuperMii’s online edition are restricted.

12. Avatar Maker

Avatar Maker is another tool you may use to make own avatars. There are no costs associated with using this tool, and you are free to create as many avatars as you like each day.

To use this tool, you do not need to create an account. Rather, as soon as you get at the main page, you may begin making your avatar.

To enable the tool to show you the characteristics you require for design, you must first select your gender. These consist of accessories, shoes, and apparel.

You may select from four different avatar styles with this tool: realistic, comedic, black-and-white, and anime. After that, you may download your avatar in SVG or PNG format.

13. Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me has to be at the top of your list if you’re searching for an avatar creator that can fulfill your gaming requirements and is an alternative to Picrew. It enables you to make 3D avatars, unlike Picrew.

It doesn’t require an account to use, much like the majority of the tools on our list. Alternatively, all you have to do is upload a photo and make the necessary adjustments.

Additionally, using the app’s camera capability directly to take a picture is an option. If you would rather not use your own images, you may create your own using the system’s pre-built characters.

All you need to do is choose your gender, or leave it blank, and make an avatar that works for you. Your avatar may be exported to more than 7,500 compatible games and applications.

14. Adobe Express Avatar Maker

You may also start using Adobe Express Avatar Maker as a great Picrew Alternatives right now. You may use it without cost and without having to register before you can begin making your own avatars.

You may make your own avatar by using the hundreds of pre-made ones that are included in Adobe Express Avatar Maker. Additionally, you have access to features and tools that let you create an avatar from scratch.

When using this tool, you may adjust the color, typography, and layout, among other things. With just a single button click, you can use this tool to share your avatar across all of your social network accounts.


Still another option to replace Picrew is It is a free web-based application that may be used on any device.

With the help of this tool, you can easily select a picture from your storage and drop it into the system before starting the conversion process. You may make three various kinds of avatars using this tool: realistic, cartoon, and three-dimensional.

You are not required to work directly on the design while using Rather, it makes use of AI to provide the optimal result. In terms of privacy, it is also among the best options because it doesn’t give your information to any other parties.

To sum up

Making an avatar that your social or business connections will find charming may depend on selecting the best avatar creator. The Picrew Alternatives mentioned above are dependable, entertaining, and simple to use.

Choose Colorcinch or if you want something with a ton of features and functionalities for creating sophisticated avatars.

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