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Top 10 Best Google Doodle Games You Should Play [2024]

Google Doodles are unique, transient updates to the company’s logo that are produced to celebrate holidays, milestone anniversaries, and the lives of notable inventors, scientists, and artists. These modifications include a new Google logo that stands in for occasions, entertaining animations, videos, and occasionally even games.

Because they are straightforward, enjoyable, and simple to play, games are the greatest companions to Google Doodles. They are the finest spot to hang out throughout your working because they are simple to reach with Google Search.

We have compiled some of the very best Google Doodle games for you if you’re seeking for easy-to-play games.

The 10 Most Played Google Doodle Games

Some Google Doodles are playable games that are accessible right from the Google home page. Google Doodle Games are interactive doodles that are often only accessible for a brief period of time. The Doodle for Google games have become a well-liked component of the Google experience. They combine art, education, and fun. The finest Google Doodle games celebrate the power of play with everything from vintage arcade games like Pac-Man to instructional games like the World Cup Soccer Quiz.


One of the most recognizable video games of all time is Pac-Man. It was created by Namco and was made available in Japan in 1980. The game immediately became one of the most well-known at the time as it swiftly acquired popularity. Eat every dot in the maze while avoiding the ghosts is the game’s goal. Pac-Man receives points for eating the dots. The harder it is for him to live, the higher the score. No matter your age or degree of experience, the game is straightforward and simple to play. Pac-Man is playable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Pani Puri

Doodle by Google The most recent doodle in town is Pani Puri. The most well-known food from South Asia is probably pani puri (also known as golgappa or phuchka), and Google honored this with an interactive doodle. This comes after the doodle of Boba Tea from a few weeks ago.

Players must tap specific elements in the Pani Puri Google Doodle in order to get points. They occasionally have to match a string of them, like in Candy Crush. Players pop pani puris instead of candy, which are deep-fried flatbreads stuffed with flavor-infused water, chickpeas, and other sauces.

Pony Express

The popular racing game Pony Express is based on the actual Pony Express, a postal transportation service that ran in the US from 1860 to 1861. Reaching the finish line and collecting mail are the game’s objectives. The player may run into a number of obstacles along the path, including thrones, homes, rocks, rivers, and more. Regardless of age or skill level, everyone may play the game easily and simply. Pac-Man is playable on both desktop and mobile devices.


The following game is Cricket, which was offered as a component of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. The game is really easy to play and understand. You must press a single button on it in order to strike the ball. The field of slugs is on the ground, while grasshoppers are on the batting side. This game may benefit from having the option to strike the ball in any direction. Playing the game is still a lot of fun. It is simple to play on both desktop and mobile devices. To play the game, click on the link below.


Soccer 2012 is the game for you if you like soccer better than cricket. It was created in conjunction with the 2012 FIFA World Cup. The game is really easy to play and understand. This game is played by you as a goalie. You must stop the objectives. If you’re on a desktop, you may control the player with a mouse or a keyboard. Swiping may be used to control the player on a smartphone. I like playing this game overall.


Another well-liked sport that is played by most people worldwide is basketball. In this game, you have 24 seconds to toss balls through the hoop, just as in a regular game of basketball. On a PC, you may control the pressure and toss the ball precisely into the goal by using the spacebar or the mouse button. It’s an enjoyable and easy game. I wished there were more enjoyable aspects.

Coding for Carrots

To commemorate Kid’s Coding’s 50th anniversary, another entertaining and worthwhile game called Coding for Carrots was created. The game lets you drag and drop blocks to let the bunny eat carrots while also teaching fundamental coding concepts. The programming language Logo, created by Seymour Papert and researchers at MIT to educate kids how to program, is highlighted notably in the game. This game teaches your kids programming skills while simultaneously being entertaining.

Champion Island Games

Island Games, which was released to commemorate the Doodle Champion Island Games (August 31), is the next game on our list. You play a cat protagonist who travels to Champion Island throughout the game. You must contend with seven different sports champions on the island. The game is enjoyable and difficult right away. The entire island is yours to explore and play whatever game you like. You receive a crown once you defeat the island’s other players.

Hip Hop

In order to commemorate the 44th anniversary of hip-hop’s inception, a game about it was developed. This game is for you if you love DJ and wish to play a DJ-like role. The mood and music in the game are very different from those in the introduction. The game has two recognizable recordings where you can mix the beats, choose various tracks, and do a lot more with the crossfader. Overall, playing it is nice and enjoyable when you need a short break from work.

Base Ball

The next app is Base Ball. To commemorate the 2019 Fourth of July barbeque game and US Independence Day, Google has produced a Base Ball doodle. You have to knock the ball out of the park and score runs, just like in regular baseball. Playing the game is simple and a lot of fun. The names of the participants, along with their favorite American meals, are one of the game’s finest features. All things considered, playing baseball might also be the ideal stress-reliever when you need a vacation from work.

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