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8 Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Android & iOS (2024)

8 Best Free Voice Changer Apps For Android & iOS (2023)

Are you searching for the greatest hilarious applications so you can have some laughs over the phone with your friends? You don’t need to search any farther—we’ve gathered the top free voice changer apps for you. To confuse the person on the other end of the call, now alter your voice over the phone. It seems like fun. Is it not?

That’s a great idea if you enjoy pulling practical jokes on your friends and family and you thought of utilizing a voice changer software. It usually works on the majority of people. However, in order to use this method during a smartphone call, you must have some functional voice changer apps.

The Best Free Voice Changer Apps for iOS and Android While on the Phone

Despite the abundance of voice-changing applications available online, selecting the best one remains a challenging undertaking. Therefore, apply some parameters to your search and go through these free Voice Change Apps for iOS and Android while on the phone.

1. Call Voice Changer

Another entertaining software for iOS users is called Call Voice Changer. Using this program, users can alter their voice during phone calls. You can also play noises in a variety of styles, such as birthday songs and cartoon impersonations. But it uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to make calls. In order to make calls, customers need to have a strong and dependable internet connection.

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2. Voice Changer with Effect

One of the greatest free voice-changing apps for Android is this one. There are almost forty distinct voice effects, such as zombie, giant, robot, enormous, and helium. This application records voice in addition to modulating it. Users can share via email and WhatsApp, record their voice, and apply effects.

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3. FunCall – Voice Changer & Rec

In the App Store, this is the greatest voice-changing app. There are several high-quality voices and sound effects available in this program. VoIP is used for all calls made via the internet. It also offers the cheapest international calling rates.

Demo calls allow you to hear your voice. After that, you can try altering the impact if you don’t like it. Keep in mind that demo calls are completely free of charge.

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4. Best Voice Changer

As the name implies, this is among the greatest free voice changer apps on the Play Store. There are a number of effects available in the program, including the Smurfs, chorus, alien, bee, and others. It also allows you to record your voice elsewhere. Another option is to upload a recorded audio. Additionally, you may share them on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and LINE.

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5. Voice Changer Calling

Voice Changer Calling is an entertaining Android app. Weird Voice is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 and is based on CSipSimple. To make calls, users must remain linked to Wi-Fi, though. Please use this software with caution and responsibility as it does not conceal your Caller ID. It’s a terrific software to play practical jokes on your friends and family overall.

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6. Fun Phone Call – IntCall

Fun Phone Call is another voice-changing app available for iOS that allows you to make endless prank calls. Add various speech effects, such as a gong, siren, dog bark, and many more, to make your voice humorous. It uses VoIP to make calls over the internet, just like the others. Consequently, having a strong internet connection is essential.

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7. Helium Voice Changer

Have you ever tried to communicate after breathing in helium from a balloon? Your voice becomes utterly ridiculous and funny as a result. With the Helium Voice Changer App, the same thing takes place. In addition, it lets you record amusing videos and your voice. You have the option of recording your remarks in a humorous voice and choosing between audio or video.

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8. Voice Changer by KidsAppBox

The FMOD engine is employed by KidsAppBox’s voice changer app. Thus, it functions flawlessly. Since this program is intended mostly for children, it contains certain vices that aren’t seen in other voice-changing applications. Monster sounds, sluggish sounds, and many more are among them. Additionally, the app’s user interface is incredibly child-friendly and easy to use.

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Final Thoughts

These are a few of the top iOS and Android voice changer apps. From the links provided under each description, download any one of them depending on your operating system. Tell us which one is your favorite as well!

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