10 Best Image Downloader Chrome Extensions [2024]

The conventional way of storing photographs in Google Chrome has limitations, and users may find it challenging to organize, store many images at once, and other features. Users may download photos more simply and enjoy additional features including downloading several images at once, sorting them into formats, and altering the format of the images with the use of Google Chrome image downloader extensions.

The most effective technique to give web browsers more functions is through extensions. These little apps let users customize their browser’s look, block advertisements, save passwords, and do a lot more to enhance their surfing experience. The list of the top Google Chrome image downloader addons will be examined in this post.

Best Chrome Extensions for Image Downloader

This is our selection of the top Chrome extensions for image downloaders.

  •   Imageye 2 Pact Interactive’s Image Downloader
  •  Download Every Picture
  •   Download Images for YouTube
  •   Smart Image downloader, Loadify
  •  Free Unsplash Chrome
  •  Lightshot
  •  Stunning Screen Capture and Screen Recording Apps
  •   Batch Image Downloader via ImageAssistant
  •   Press and hold the Image Downloader icon.

1. Image downloader – Imageye

The first option on our list is Imageye’s Image Downloader. With more than 2000 5-star ratings on the Google Chrome Web Store, this is the most widely used picture download extension. The plugin provides several helpful choices for downloading photographs and is user-friendly.

The majority of Google Chrome web browsers are compatible with the free plugin. You may visit any website to download photographs after you add it to the Google Chrome web browser. After logging in, click on the extension. A list of all the photos on a website that may be downloaded will appear in a pop-up window. You may download the photos instantaneously with just one click by sorting them by size, kind (JPG, PNG, webp, etc.), layout, and URL. Additionally, you may download numerous photos at once.

The ability to convert webp (a contemporary picture format created by Google that provides superior compression and quality compared to other image formats like JPEG and PNG) to JPG for downloading is one of the features of this plugin that we truly enjoy. Now days, a lot of websites employ the webp image format. We must convert Webp to JPG and use it if we require JPG. We evaluated this extension’s beta version, but it included a built-in new functionality that made it simple to convert Webp photos to JPG and save them in mass. You may quickly and simply download the thumbnails of YouTube videos with just one click by using this addon.

You may also alter the way the options are displayed, personalize the columns, and do a lot more. The greatest choice for you if you’re searching for a feature-rich, lightweight plugin is Image Downloader by Image Eye.

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2. Image Downloader by Pact Interactive

Pact Interactive’s Image downloader is the next item on our list. This is yet another effective Chrome plugin for downloading images. The ability to store and rename photographs in subfolders is the nicest feature of this addon.

It is free to download the extension. It allows you to visit the website from which you wish to get photographs once you add it to your Google Chrome browser. Next, select the plugin to view the collection of pictures that may be downloaded. You have the option to download a single image or the entire collection. It is more difficult to hide undesirable photos, such as logos and other images in the list, because there is no way to filter the images by JPG or webp.

Furthermore, it is impossible to convert WebP photos to JPG. If you wish to alter the picture format, you will need to convert webp to JPG afterwards. Regarding other features: You may download thumbnails for YouTube videos and choose a picture by its URL.

Pact Interactive’s image download is the greatest choice if you’re searching for one that lets you arrange and make folders out of your photos.

3. Download All Images

The Download all Images extension, which lets you download a lot of photos at once, is the third item on our list. The most effective and customized choice for you is to Download All photographs if you wish to download a large number of photographs at once.

You may tap on this extension as soon as you visit the page where you wish to download the photographs if you add it to your list of Google Chrome extensions. Once the extension has begun scanning the website’s picture collection, you may filter the photographs according to their size, dimensions, and kind. The number of photographs on the page is displayed in the status bar at the top. You can either stop scanning or rescan the page, depending on your desire.

Once every image has been chosen, you may save them by clicking the “Save” button. By selecting Save Dir, you may also make a new folder right from the extension.

The ideal option for you if you’re looking for a Google Chrome plugin that downloads photos in bulk is the Download all images plugin. You will be able to alter the kind of photographs and save them all with a single click thanks to its robust capabilities.

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4. Image Download for YouTube

The selection for image downloads for YouTube comes next on the list. You can download YouTube thumbnails with ease if you use this addon. To download the thumbnail or cover picture of a YouTube video, simply click on this addon while watching a video. There is nothing more to say about this plugin except that it is really simple to use.

Downloading the extension is free. Open the YouTube video that you wish to download the thumbnail for after adding the Google Chrome extensions. Click the extension while the video is playing. To download the YouTube thumbnail, select the download option that will show up. Just the way it is.

There is no ability to change the image’s kind or size due to the limited selections. By default, JPG format is downloaded along with the photos. The Image Download for YouTube Chrome extension is your best bet if you’re seeking for the greatest Google Chrome image downloader to get YouTube thumbnails.

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5. Loadify – Smart Image downloader

The clever image downloader Loadify is the next item on our list. In contrast to other extensions on this page, Loadify provides a user-friendly plugin experience. After adding the extension to your Chrome extensions, you may download the photographs from any website by visiting it and tapping on the icon of the extension.

The web page will open in a new folder with only the photos listed, excluding text, videos, and other features. This is what happens when you use the addon. You may download the photos by hovering over them. The JPG format and the size shown beneath each image are downloaded when downloading the photographs. By using the “Download” option above, you may also download photos in large quantities.

Furthermore, the addon lets you see every color used on a specific website. Tapping on the “Color Palette” option from the list of options above will allow you to access this. This is a very helpful add-on for web or graphic designers. Loadify Image Downloader is the greatest choice if you’re looking to acquire the greatest image downloader plugin for Google Chrome that also displays color palettes on websites.

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6. Unsplash For Chrome

On our list, Unsplash Image Downloader is the next choice. Unsplash is the greatest choice if you’re looking for photos that you can download right away for use in projects, blog articles, and social media postings. Rather of downloading pictures straight from websites, Unsplash compiles a list of free downloads for pictures from every online source.

Add the extension to Google Chrome and click on it to begin downloading photos. To search, tap the search box, type in a term, and then select the search icon. Images will be listed instantly by the extension. To download the photos, right-click on the picture and select “Save.”

The downloadable photos can be used for your project or in blog entries. Image sorting by dimensions, size, or kind is not available. The greatest alternative for you is Unsplash for Google Chrome if you’re searching for a fast approach to obtain royalty-free photos in a matter of clicks.

Add Unsplash to Google Chrome

7. Lightshot

The second option on our list is Lightshot, a tool for creating screenshots that enables you to quickly download a screenshot of the webpage or any picture on it. Using only two clicks, users of the plugin may snap screenshots that are saved straight to the clipboard. For users who need to swiftly take and share screenshots for projects, work, or study, this makes it perfect.

After adding the extension to Google Chrome, go to any webpage that you like to capture a screenshot of. Click the extension now. You may use the plugin to snap screenshots of a specific region or the full online application. You may alter the screenshots’ size, quality, and format (PNG, JPG, or BMP) before saving them.

Additionally, Lightshot offers tools for annotating and modifying images. Screenshots can be annotated by users with text, shapes, and drawings to emphasize key details or provide context for their ideas. After annotation, the screenshots can be shared or stored.

Add Lightshot to Google Chrome

8. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

An other tool for taking screenshots is called Awesome Screenshot. With the help of this plugin, you may quickly download a screenshot of the website or any image on it. With only two clicks, users may snap screenshots, which are then immediately saved to the clipboard.

After installing the extension, open any webpage from which you would like to capture a screenshot in Google Chrome. Click the extension now. You may use the plugin to snap screenshots of a specific region or the full online application. You may alter the screenshots’ size, quality, and format (PNG, JPG, or BMP) before saving them.

In addition to the photographs, users have the option to capture and store the screen as a video. This plugin allows you to record for up to five minutes in its free edition.

Awesome Screenshot provides capabilities for picture modification and annotation, just as Lightshot. Users may alter image-saving settings, emphasize essential information, and more by adding text, shapes, and drawings to their screenshots.

Add Awesome Screenshot to Google Chrome

9. ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader

Another effective Google Chrome image downloader plugin is called Image Assistant. You may use the plugin to edit photographs using a sophisticated editor and download them in bulk.

Visit any website and click on the Chrome extension after adding it to your list. All of the downloadable photographs will be placed on a separate website along with extensive filtering capabilities. Along with many other options, you may download the photos in bulk and access the folder containing them right away.

The plugin provides more capabilities than only image editing tools, such as the ability to apply watermarks to photographs. Not only that, but you can also personalize extensions in the settings, make a QR code for your website, and much more.

Add image assistant to Google Chrome

10. Double-click Image Downloader

Double-click Picture Downloader is a Chrome extension that, as its name implies, lets you double-click any image to download it. Other interactions that you may configure include hotkeys, drag-and-drop support, and remaining on the button. The double-click image downloader is your best bet if you want to easily save a web page without using the conventional technique.

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