10 Best Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Voicemail provides an excellent means of enhancing communication. You can ensure that you don’t miss any essential phone calls by using the best voicemail apps, which provide you with a comprehensive overview of all messages left on your voicemail system. This software comes in especially handy when your phone is out of reach or turned off.

A plethora of applications are available to enhance your voicemail experience. Some apps function as your personal assistant, allowing you to better handle voicemails, while others provide visual voicemail that lets you transcribe messages.

For Android, the Best Voicemail Apps

It can be difficult to choose a voicemail app that fits your needs. With so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first try them. Fortunately, the top voicemail apps are listed below after we combed through dozens of apps.

1. YouMail

One popular voicemail software with lots of features is YouMail. Because of the many features our software provides, millions of users have trusted it to enhance their voicemail experience. You can enjoy crisp transcriptions and high-quality audio recordings in addition to checking your voicemail and saving them.

YouMail is a fantastic call blocker for both spam and robo calls, making it more than just a standard voicemail tool. You can block any phone number with the free call blocker and feel a little more at ease. This is an excellent strategy to prevent spam from entering your voicemail mailbox.

Additionally, this voicemail app has the ability to answer calls. Offer each caller a special welcome that is tailored just for them. Additionally, YouMail allows you to check your voicemail and calls from an email or web browser at any time when your phone is not with you.

2. Google Voice

Using Google Voice, checking voicemail, calls, and messages is simple. Convenience is the top priority in the design of the best free voicemail app, which offers you a feature-rich and adaptable application that can transcribe voicemail, send it to your email, and sync it between devices.

You get a new phone number from Google Voice that you can use to send texts, make calls, and access voicemail. Because it is limited to Google Accounts, you must first establish an account in order to use it.

This program also provides you with additional control by including a number blocker and automatic spam filters. You can also manage your time more effectively by customizing the voicemail, text message, and call forwarding options. At the moment, Google Voice is limited to the United States.

3. Voxist

Voxists may be your best option if you need a voicemail substitute other from the one provided by your carrier. With the help of this clever voicemail app, you can easily retrieve your voicemails by phone or email, create greetings to thrill your callers, and transcribe voicemail messages for quick reading.

Voxists is a free voicemail application with an easy-to-use layout that makes it simpler for consumers to navigate around. Easily manage your personal and business voicemails with just a few touches.

With the help of this software, you can dependable receive transcripts for communications in more than 70 different languages. For easy access from anywhere at any time, voicemail audio and transcriptions can also be received by email.

Voxists has the wonderful feature of having limitless storage. This implies that, barring deletion, you can continue to receive voicemails and store your messages indefinitely. There’s also a new voicemail notification tool to ensure you don’t miss any crucial messages.

4. Phone by Google

This is the official phone app that Google released. Although it is not made with voicemail management in mind, it does enable a robust voicemail feature for your utmost convenience. You can simply check and play messages on this platform without having to call your voicemail.

Phone transcribes your messages for quicker and more efficient reading, just like the majority of visual voicemail apps, even while you’re in a public place or on a train. You have the option to store or delete your messages directly from this app after they have been seen and played.

Phone is not only an app for voicemail. Numerous features are included, including caller ID to identify who is phoning, spam prevention to ward off unsolicited calls, and call recording to capture phone calls and save crucial information.

Given its user-friendly layout, it’s hardly surprising that the Phone has become a popular device. For more convenient use at night, you can even switch to dark mode.

5. My Visual Voicemail

Numerous elements are included in My Visual Voicemail to provide an improved voicemail experience. You don’t even need to call your voicemail while using this app to listen to messages, reply with a single tap, and manage your mailbox. Not to mention, it may update your contact list.

The nicest thing about My Visual Voicemail is that voicemail forwarding and voicemail number changes are not always necessary. After downloading, the app can be used as it activates upon first use for no extra cost.

This voicemail app for Android has a very user-friendly layout that is clear and straightforward to use. You may install more widgets by just long pressing on your home screen. It also comes with a widget that indicates whether you have any unread messages. Most Android smartphones can run this app because of its little download size.

6. Hullomail

Hullomail is an award-winning visual voicemail tool that helps you better manage your messages. It is brought to you by Thumbtel Ltd. You may read, play, and search your voicemail using this program, among other things. Also feasible on this platform is voicemail sharing.

Would you like to give your callers a memorable voicemail greeting? Hullomail contains all you need. It allows for customized greetings for those callers who merit them. Additionally, it has voicemail transcription, which lets you record voicemails so that you can read them more easily in a busy area.

Hullomail allows you to ban callers so you may eliminate particular numbers. You may stop unsolicited callers from leaving voicemails in your mailbox by using message blocking. Alternatively, this platform lets you utilize your preferred email to read voicemails.

Although Hullomail is free to use, you may purchase the Pro edition. You can get unlimited cloud storage, live chat support, and transcription for all of your voicemails with Hullomail Pro.

7. InstaVoice

Possibly the greatest app for turning your Android phone into a virtual assistant is InstaVoice. This top voicemail app has a lovely UI and is available around-the-clock to help you manage your calls and voicemails. In addition, while your phone is off, it offers a missed call notice for any incoming calls.

With InstaVoice, you may conduct a plethora of tasks, such as retrieve delivered messages and personalize voicemail greetings for your preferred callers. Voicemail transcription is a basic feature that enables you to read crucial messages in a public setting where listening to voicemail is not an option.

And InstaVoice offers a better option if you’re tired of erasing texts to make room. Because of its limitless cloud-based storage, you can continue to receive messages without ever deleting them.

Multiple numbers are supported by this free voicemail app. You can get limitless voicemail by linking up to ten different numbers to your account.

8. Cisco Jabber

A multipurpose app for improved communication is Cisco Jabber. Although voicemail management is not the primary function of this collaborative tool, it does support voicemail on your Android wear, tablet, and phone.

It can translate your messages into text for easy viewing with the help of visual voicemail. This program allows you to make crystal-clear video and audio calls. Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Jabber are connected to provide multi-party conferences.

Cisco Jabber has more than one million downloads, making it one of the most popular applications for voicemail, instant messaging, presence, and cloud messaging. If your needs extend beyond a simple voicemail software, Cisco Jabber is undoubtedly the right choice.

9. KPN Voicemail

Do you require a voicemail summary? Look nowhere else. Without time-consuming, automated phone menus, KPN Voicemail is an excellent software for managing voicemail messages. With this voicemail software, it’s simple to listen to voicemails and return calls from callers.

With KPN, you can accomplish a lot more. View a summary of every voicemail and select which message to listen to first. Additionally, you can exchange messages with all of your contacts and change the settings. Additionally enabled by this app is a customized voicemail greeting.

You may occasionally erase the incorrect voicemail from your inbox. Do not be concerned about it. You can retrieve deleted messages from the voicemail inbox with this program, which keeps all deleted messages accessible. Additionally, this software will support you if you decide to save messages to your phone.

KPN Voicemail is an excellent program for managing your voicemails overall. You might want to follow the thousands of individuals who have trusted our app with their message management.

10. VoMail Free Video Voicemail

One of the most well-liked voicemail applications on the market is VoMail. This software includes everything you need, including the ability to record voice messages and identify who called you while your phone is off. It provides an ingenious fix for those issues, guaranteeing better communication at all times and places.

Because this program utilizes your data plan, you must have an internet connection. VoMail makes it simple to leave voicemails for other people or to listen to any voicemails that have been left on your system. SMS will be used to deliver the message even if they do not have VoMail.

The best thing about this voicemail system is that your messages are encrypted, so not even the developer can read or hear them. This implies that the communications are only visible to you and the receiver. Furthermore, for your complete privacy, the server does not save your data.

What advantages can visual voicemail offer?

For organizations, visual voicemail offers a number of advantages, such as the following.

  • Quickly review messages with visual voicemail: Looking at who called and what they said can help you prioritize responses and increase productivity, especially if you’re stuck in the arrivals lounge of an airport trying to find your suitcase among eight voicemails. You also avoid having to listen to long messages left by persons you never knew they were calling.
  • Visual voicemail lets you access messages regardless of the strength of your signal: It is not necessary to have a good phone signal to hear the message clearly and without occasional dropouts while using visual voicemail. Voicemails frequently arrive when you’re in signal-poor or no service locations, making it impossible for you to call in and listen to the message. In a noisy setting, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand what is being said.
  • Easily share information with coworkers and clients by copying and pasting portions of the voicemail transcription into an email after it has been transcribed. This is known as visual voicemail. Voicemail transcriptions can even be automatically forwarded to an email address by certain services. A message’s written record is frequently very helpful afterwards.
  • Experience more secrecy, seclusion, and tranquility with visual voicemail: In many situations, reading a written message might be less stressful and easier than listening to an audio recording. While reading their comments can make you feel more collected and distant, hearing someone express anger can be unsettling and upsetting.
  • Get extra features with visual voicemail: Visual voicemail apps frequently offer extra features like the capacity to record personalized welcomes for particular contacts, send out an out-of-office message, or block unsolicited callers from leaving a message.


Is voicemail and visual voicemail the same thing?

A voicemail is usually a message left on the phone when the caller is unavailable or preoccupied with another call. Customers can listen to voicemail in any order and display it as a text message or email thanks to a VoIP technology called visible voice. Thus, no. They are not equivalent.

What distinguishes voicemail from voice messages?

Voicemail is reactive, in contrast to voice messages, which are proactive. The first and most significant distinction between voicemail and email is their respective purposes. You hang up the phone when no one returns your call.

Do voicemail applications cost anything?

Is there a free voicemail app available for Android? Indeed, YouMail is among the top free voicemail appsavailable for download from the Google Play Store. The best part is that you can use our mobile app to read, exchange, and manage messages for free.


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