9 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2024

Customer fe­edback tools are crucial to the creation and improvement of any product. It enables you to comprehend your customers’ requirements and discover places in which particular improvements are required to make the product more easy and attractive.

According to the study, organizations that gather timely feedback and make changes outperform their competition in terms of acquisition and retention. These customer-centric businesses prioritize offering superior customer service, which is crucial to a company’s overall success.

Surveys and customer evaluations are two of the most prevalent methods of gathering feedback. Product owners may then collect this information using Customer fe­edback tools to acquire a comprehensive picture of how their consumers view their brand.

What is Customer Feedback Tools?

Customer fe­edback tools helps businesses gather, measure, and analyze useful feedback from their consumers. Businesses may make well-informed decisions based on real data collected from important customer input by implementing a customer feedback platform.

Customer feedback tools are significant assets for companies of all sizes. Companies may improve their goods and services, increase customer happiness, and ultimately boost their financial performance by actively gathering and thoroughly assessing customer feedback. Customer feedback systems collect feedback from consumers through a variety of methods, including emails, site analytics, social media platforms, and customer satisfaction surveys.

9 Customer Feedback Tools to Help You Improve Your Products

Let’s take a look at some of the best Customer fe­edback tools for gathering customer feedback.

1. Hotjar


The Hotjar Feedback tool helps website owners and administrators collect real-time feedback and insights from their website visitors. Hotjar’s live feedback service is the most popular, with over 6 million users in 180 countries. Microsoft, T-Mobile, Adobe, Nintendo, Hubspot, Unbounce, Panasonic, and others are among the notable names. Because the tool is GDPR and CCPA-compliant, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure.

Hotjar offers four free features to go along with this live feedback tool a heatmap to visualize user activity, comprehensive user behavior records, real-time surveys, and one-to-one connect. Its basic version is free, and its commercial plans include infinite feedback widgets that web administrators may embed on all web pages to gather feedback in over 40 languages, with no storage limit to access previous feedback data. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • Examine user session recordings for interactions and difficulties.
  • On each page, receive feedback and ratings to find areas for improvement.
  • Recorded sessions can be used to troubleshoot and repair user-reported issues.
  • Capture feedback early on to avoid support ticket escalation and to detect any issues ahead of time.

2. UserVoice


UserVoice is a one-stop shop for gathering and organizing feedback from many sources. It then converts the user’s feedback into quantitative and actionable insight. It allows you to listen in on talks about your brand. You can combine everything under a single dashboard, regardless of the size of your organization or customer base.

Because it allows you to collect customer feedback at every stage of the process, you can incorporate it into your product roadmap and make the required adjustments in real time. Every customer appreciates being heard, and with the aid of this software, you can make your customers feel cared for at all times. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • It enables you to survey numerous items by comparing ideas to discover which aspects people wish to see more of, resulting in immediate and organized results.
  • Create a two-way communication connection between the firm and its consumers so that they do not feel ignored.
  • Categories and tags may be used to categorize comments by product, team, and so on.

3. Canny

Canny software

Canny allows you to listen in on various discussions related to your business. It may collect feedback and provide automatic reports to indicate areas that need to be reconsidered. One of the finest features of the Canny is its simple, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive interface.

You may use it to get feedback from consumers or internal team members and then construct a product plan based on that feedback. You may also use the same platform to send an email to all parties involved, informing them of the modifications made in response to their feedback.


  • Connect reviews to your current user accounts automatically.
  • Filter reviews based on user categories you care about, such as devoted customers.
  • Select from a variety of privacy features to limit board access.
  • Track input manually by adding a client to a post.
  • Internally, discuss ideas with your team while staying within the scope.
  • Improve the arrangement of your posts.

4. Roadmunk

Roadmunk is a road-mapping application that automates the customer experience and helps businesses find opportunities for product enhancement. This service is already used by several international corporations. With a single click, you can collect feedback and produce complete reports. It is most effective for emphasizing risks, possibilities, and acquisition value.

The dependable crew behind the interface that provides you with help at all times distinguishes the product from others. Roadmunk lets you build a customized dashboard depending on the reports you need. You may pick and choose which variables to use and operate in whichever way is most comfortable for you. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • Create gorgeous, collaborative road maps in seconds.
  • Import data from JIRA or Excel (.csv) to get started immediately, or be inspired by the 35+ task plan templates you can create yourself.
  • With complete sharing features, master roadmaps, and bidirectional data connections with JIRA, you can see the strategy for your whole product portfolio.
  • Export boardroom-worthy roadmaps to URL, PNG, PowerPoint, or paper to present your strategy safely and effortlessly.

5. Usersnap


Usersnap is a feedback platform and bug tracking system that might be an excellent SaaS company option. It can easily filter distinct sets of data and get user feedback. It is one of the few pieces of software that allows you to collect feedback in a single window.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your internal staff or your consumers. They may utilize the tool to take screenshots and offer feedback in the form of on-screen images. At the same price, the solution provides multi-language support and limitless reports. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • Usersnap takes visual feedback from users and monitors problems.
  • Customers and consumers can provide feedback in the form of screenshots, annotations, and comments.
  • Metadata such as browser version, URL, screen size, and so on may be automatically added.

6. Upvoty

UpvotyUpvoty may help you optimize your product by gathering instance feedback. It enables you to collect customer feedback via a widget on your website or through a custom domain. You may collect feedback either publicly or privately. And utilize SSO to integrate with your application’s users. So go ahead and create an outstanding product by developing a product plan and changelog.


  • Include your logo, brand colors, and prompts.
  • Improve expectations by forecasting when a given function will be accessible.
  • Coordination of alerts with other marketing initiatives
  • Rich text and embedded photos make it simple to format entries for improved reading.

7. Fider

Fider softwareDo you enjoy constructing things on your own? Fider, please! A free and open-source option for hosting product feedback software on your server You may acquire a cloud VM, install Docker, and then set up Finder by following the simple instructions below. If you construct an internal product and seek feedback from internal users, it will be a cost-effective option. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • SmartVote polls can encourage consumers to participate and learn which features or concepts they prefer.
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) feature tracks both positive and negative reactions by asking users how likely they are to recommend the firm to their peers. On a scale of 1 to 10, we can classify users as critics, liabilities, or promoters.

8. Upvote

Upvote software
Upvote is one of the easiest tools for gathering feedback from consumers as well as from within and outside the company. You will not have to perform any manual labor because all of the functions are totally automated. It provides a unique suggestion board where users may vote and choose the action plan for product development or management.

It also allows you to integrate other platforms, such as Jira, to make it easier to perform work on a single platform. It enables you to collect customer feedback via a widget on your website or through a custom domain. You may collect feedback either publicly or privately. And utilize SSO to integrate with your application’s users. So go ahead and create an outstanding product by developing a product plan and changelog.


  • Consolidate your feedback into one dashboard.
  • Collect reviews in one place from the start.
  • Upvote assists you in creating a collaborative and open culture in your organization that supports ideas.
  • Improve the feedback process with a concept board.

9. Typeform

Typeform is a goal-oriented application that was created to help businesses obtain useful customer feedback quickly and easily. Its major purpose is to help firms find opportunities, evaluate the effectiveness of their products and services, and address areas for improvement. Typeform enables meaningful dialogues with clients by creating interesting questionnaires.

Businesses may use it to develop surveys for meaningful customer engagement. Businesses get insights into their customers’ wants and preferences by collecting meaningful feedback, thereby improving their goods, services, and overall customer happiness. Typeform would be a good choice if you require a complete tool to collect customer feedback. Its comprehensive metrics, such as reporting and analytics dashboards, connectivity with Slack or Google Sheets, automation, and so on, make it the ideal tool. Companies may get started for free before upgrading to a premium subscription to Typeform. This tool is included in the list of the best customer feedback tools in 2023.


  • To obtain precise customer feedback, create bespoke surveys or utilize pre-designed survey templates.
  • Create surveys that adjust depending on prior responses to provide a more personalized experience.
  • Include media in your survey to improve content and engagement.
  • Surveys may be sent by email, shared on social media, or embedded on your website. Surveys are designed to work well on both desktop and mobile devices.


It is critical for product development to collect ideas and feedback. Finally, you’re creating a product for your customers, and listening to them will help you win. So go ahead and use the aforementioned tool to begin collecting product feedback right away.

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