Best 10 YouTube to GIF Converters You Should Try in 2024

GIFs are collections of moving pictures that can be as short as one or two frames long. Despite their small size, these GIFs may be beneficial in a variety of ways. Here’s an in-depth look at why you should use GIFs in your video projects, as well as a list of the best YouTube to GIF converters.

A GIF editor can assist you in creating and editing GIFs from your favorite videos or YouTube videos. There is a plethora of internet software available that allows you to generate GIFs from YouTube and other media. This post will teach you about eight of the best YouTube to GIF converters for making GIFs from YouTube videos.

The list comprises the most popular GIF software that is easy to use and has a plethora of GIF enhancement capabilities. Online services are free and work with any operating system, although desktop versions provide additional editing tools for a modest price.

What are GIFs?

Contrary to popular belief, GIFs are not video formats but rather picture formats. It would be more accurate to refer to them as a brief compilation of photos or frames rather than a video. Because they are so small, these GIFs only take up a few kilobytes of storage space. Furthermore, these GIFs may be played indefinitely without having to touch the play button each time. That’s useful knowledge regarding GIFs, but how can you use it to make this basic graphic type a valuable resource for your YouTube videos? Let us investigate.

10 Best YouTube to GIF Converters You Should Try

Here is a comprehensive list of the best YouTube to GIF converters, along with full reviews:

1. Wondershare’s UniConverter 

Wondershare’s suite of editing tools has swiftly established itself as one of the market’s top video editors for a variety of reasons. To begin, unlike Adobe and Filmora, which strive to combine all editing tools into one, Wondershare provides separate tools for different purposes, making it easier and less burdensome to utilize these tools. UniConverter by Wondershare outperforms all other YouTube to GIF converters on this list. The reason for this is that the UniConverter supports GIF conversion as well as many other formats.

To begin, you may interconvert MP4, HEVC, AVI, GIF, and a variety of other formats without sacrificing the quality of the original material. Furthermore, you may apply a variety of effects to the GIF and entirely modify it to your specifications. Another advantage of utilizing a Wondershare tool is its excellent interoperability with other products from the firm. This means that if you have other Wondershare products on your device, you may edit, cut, clip, speed, reverse, and apply special effects to your GIFs without any compatibility difficulties.


  • A staggering array of editing capabilities, particularly when paired with other Wondershare products.
  • A single platform is capable of supporting almost all video formats.
  • Excellent for GIF conversion and much more.


  • Before you can use the program, you must first download and install it, which adds time to the process.
  • Before continuing, you must have a downloaded version of the YouTube video.

2. HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is a comprehensive media solution that offers tremendous capabilities and features to enable flawless multimedia converting, downloading, and editing operations. It can produce GIFs from movies while allowing users to modify the frame rate and output size; it can convert audiobooks while overcoming DRM restrictions; it has AI-capable noise remover and separator features; and it can download pictures, videos, or reels from Instagram.

Furthermore, it’s an excellent picture converter that provides high-quality compressed photos without sacrificing resolution after editing—all in one spot. Users may convert videos from 1000+ formats to any other format with this fantastic program. It also downloads video and music content from over 10,000 websites, which it can then convert to DVD using its built-in DVD burner. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


When you think of full-fledged video editing software, what comes to mind? We conceive of them as large, heavy, and sluggish software that consumes a large portion of your system’s resources. But what if they could utilize one from within your web browser? It may seem impossible, but accomplishes this while also providing tools equivalent to a light video editor without requiring you to download anything on your smartphone. In terms of GIF conversion, you may upload your movies to the site and turn any portion of them into GIFs. You may submit a movie to the platform using a variety of technologies, including Google Drive, Dropbox, your personal device, and many more.

The exciting part begins when you eventually upload the video and get started. includes a variety of editing tools that allow you to add text and resize the video to your specifications. You may also adjust the video volume or turn off the audio entirely. There are options for changing the video speed and even cleaning up the audio if the original includes noise. When you’re finished with the conversion, you can use the platform’s download option to save the GIF to your device. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


  • There is no need to download the program.
  • It also works well with larger files. It includes some of the best editing options available on a YouTube to GIF converter.


  • You must first download a copy of the YouTube video before you can convert it to a GIF.

4. Free GIF Maker

Most GIFs, however, require some type of modification before they can be utilized in a video production. However, let’s say your only purpose is to turn a YouTube video into a GIF without modifying or changing the underlying content. In such a scenario, the Free GIF Maker might be ideal for you. The platform is as basic as it gets, with only a textbox asking for a YouTube URL.

The website then loads your video and displays a preview of it. You may watch the video and choose the start and end timestamps for your GIF. Following that, the procedure is quite straightforward, and you must input the start time for your GIF. After that, enter the duration of your GIF and click the preview button to see a preview of your converted GIF. Because the website only permits a maximum duration of 10 seconds, be cautious while selecting timestamps.


  • If you merely want to convert a YouTube video into a GIF without modifying it, this is the tool for you.
  • It is not necessary to create a user account.


  • It has almost no editing tools.
  • You cannot upload a video, and only video links are accepted.

5. Flixier’s YouTube GIF maker

If you want to turn YouTube videos into GIFs quickly, Flixier’s YouTube GIF creator is a great place to start. It eliminates both of the aforementioned limitations and is by far the fastest option to convert YouTube videos to GIFs. The YouTube GIF creator, like’s idea, comes with a versatile website that allows you to conduct the full conversion within your browser.

Another significant advantage of utilizing the platform is its privacy-focused approach, which does not require you to sign up and create an account before converting. The ability to alter YouTube videos using just their URLs is the most notable feature of the YouTube GIF generator. You do not need to manually upload the video prior to transcoding. Furthermore, the GIF generator has options for changing the GIF resolution, adding text, motion effects, music, transitions, and more. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


  • Ideal for rapid YouTube to GIF conversions.
  • The ability to alter YouTube videos URLs is unique.
  • It has a wide range of editing tools.


  • To edit films longer than 30 minutes in duration, you must have a premium subscription.

6. Imgflip’s Animated GIF Maker 

The Animated GIF Maker is a platform that gets right to the point and asks you to either upload a video file or paste a YouTube video link. The website then redirects you to the edit page, where you may specify the start and finish locations of your GIF. You may also add text, trim, and rotate the video to suit your needs.

You may change the frame rate to make your GIF seem smoother while playing, or keep it at the default option of 20 FPS. You may also preview the final GIF and share or store it as a template if you intend to alter the GIF several times with different formats. The animated GIF generator is the most useful tool for creating and sharing GIFs; nevertheless, it lacks numerous editing options found in the UniConverter or YouTube GIF generator. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


  • YouTube video to GIF conversion on the fly
  • Editing options that are crude but useful
  • There is no limit to the size of the video.
  • There is no need to establish an account.


  • Unlike its rivals, it offers fewer editing tools.
  • It features a simple user interface.

7. GifRun

GifRun is a straightforward YouTube-to-GIF converter that turns just YouTube videos into GIFs. There is no possibility of uploading an existing video from your device’s storage. However, the characteristics of this converter surpass those of some of the segment’s front-runners. To begin, you may make GIFs of up to 15 seconds in length if that is what you want. Furthermore, the editing tools are simple yet effective for rudimentary GIF editing. The best thing is that you may download and utilize popular GIFs from their library without fear of copyright violation. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


  • It does not require registration or the establishment of an account.
  • You may make GIFs up to 15 seconds long and download popular GIFs.


  • There is no option to post your videos.
  • The editing tools are simple.

8. Make a GIF

We’ve seen various best YouTube to GIF converters that provide fantastic feature sets, but most only enable us to use video URLs or upload our own movies. While these two solutions meet the demands of the majority of users, what if you needed a platform that allowed you to convert videos from Facebook as well as your webcam into GIFs?

Make a GIF allows you to do so with a variety of editing choices and the ability to import videos from Facebook, webcam footage, and device storage. It also includes capabilities to help your GIF rank higher by adding tags and titles to them. Make a GIF’s best feature is its unusual yet useful editing tools, which improve the entire GIF conversion process. You may change the pace and length of the GIF to suit your needs. Later, you may use the website to post your GIF and even save it to your smartphone.


  • It is ideal if you desire videos from many platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Webcam, and others.
  • It offers fantastic editing capabilities.
  • It even allows you to share your GIFs.


  • If you want a GIF that is longer than 10 seconds, you must register an account and fill out your information.

9. Motionbox’s YouTube to GIF converter 

Although GIFs are typically one to ten seconds long, producing high-quality and engaging GIFs requires quite a bit of imagination. If you want powerful editing tools to meet your creative demands, Motionbox’s YouTube to GIF converter might be your new favorite. This program combines full-fledged editing tools with uncommon capabilities in a browser-based utility. The utility first requests that you register by creating an account on the internet. Only then may you submit your YouTube video at your leisure through device storage or a URL.


  • A GIF converter with the best editing tools
  • With several complex features, there are virtually limitless creative possibilities.
  • A large media collection to help you with your GIF conversion.


  • Because the website tries to bundle many distinct aspects into a browser-based application, you may suffer slowness, especially if you are using a low-end device.

10. Keevi

Keevi is yet another web-based best YouTube to GIF converters that transforms YouTube videos into GIFs. When you first visit the website, you are asked to either upload a video from your device’s storage or select a YouTube video. Surprisingly, when you input the video URL, the website does not load the movie but rather downloads it to your device. If you wish to convert the downloaded video into a GIF, you will need to submit it to the website later.

You can also use Keevi to screen-record a video and create a GIF. When you upload the video, you will be given some simple but useful editing options, such as the ability to add a title, sub-heading, and body text to your GIF. You can also use their library to add popular stickers and emoticons. Furthermore, you may either use their automated subtitle option or enter the subtitles manually. After that, you may export the GIF at your desired resolution and quality. This is included in the list of best YouTube to GIF converters in 2023.


  • The editing options are limited yet highly useful.
  • The user interface has been modified for ease of use.
  • There is no time limit on the duration of the video.


  • The website does not accept URLs for YouTube videos.
  • The website occasionally delays due to internal problems.


GIFs may greatly improve the watching experience of your video projects, and YouTube is a terrific site to hunt for such GIFs. The best YouTube to GIF converters provide a variety of functionalities, ranging from simple GIF conversions to full-fledged editing tools. To summarize, if you need a speedy translation, apps like Flixier’s YouTube to GIF converter, Free GIF Maker, and GifRun are excellent options. Furthermore, Motionbox’s converter is ideal if you want an incredible set of editing capabilities at your disposal.

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