Top 10 Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone in 2024

There are instances when you might wish to record your talks so that you can return to them afterwards, whether it’s an essential chat with your coworkers or a brainstorming session with your business partner. However, due to the fact that many nations forbid call recording, Apple does not provide a call recording app with its iPhones. Since iOS 11, you may record the screen of your iPhone, however calls cannot be recorded natively. However, there are several programs on the App Store that may assist you with recording voice calls on the iPhone if you need this feature. Just that picking one may be challenging given that most of them make the same claims. You needn’t worry, though, since we’ve tested and compiled a list of some of the top iPhone call recording applications.

1. Rev Call Recorder

An amazing and cost-free call recording app for iPhones is Rev Call recording. There are no fees involved with this, you read that correctly. Instead, the software only bills you for call transcriptions when you want them. That means there is no cost to utilize the call recording feature, which is fantastic. The greatest thing is that there are no extra fees or commercials, and the duration of recorded calls is unrestricted.

You receive a two-way recording and high-quality recordings in general. That implies that both incoming and outgoing calls are recordable. Even better, you may export and share your recordings without spending a thing. The software allows users to share recordings through email, SMS, Dropbox, and other cloud storage services. The fact that the software is free and extremely functional puts it at the top of my list.

Download: Rev Call Recorder by Rev (Free – 1 credit is available for $1.99) (Only works with US phone numbers)

2. TapeACall Pro

The greatest call recording app for iPhones right now is undoubtedly TapeACall Pro. Any call may be easily recorded with the app. The software will set up a three-way conference call with the third line being utilized to record the call as soon as you touch the recording button while on a call. During my testing, the app always functioned, and both parties’ recordings sounded very clear. The software also enables you to email or post the recording on social media. If you want to preserve space on your iPhone, you can also select to send the recordings to cloud storage (like Google Drive and Dropbox).

Notably, the app has a really cool feature that allows you to convert recordings into text that you can keep for a more in-depth analysis of the chat. Additionally, it enables you to mark and categorize your recordings to prevent accidental tampering. The fact that TapeACall Pro has a flat rate price is, however, its biggest feature. There is no time restriction on how long you may record calls for $3.99/month or $29.99/year. It works well for a person who enjoys doing in-depth telephone interviews. The app features a free version that you may use for a seven-day trial period; however, if you want to continue using the app, you must pay the aforementioned fees.

Download: TapeACall Pro by Epic Enterprises (Free / $10.99)

3. Automatic Call Recorder

One of the top iPhone call recording applications available in 2023 is Automatic Call Recorder. The outstanding user interface of this program is its main selling feature. I adore how simple it is to use the app. It’s critical that call recorders make things as simple as possible for consumers because most call recorders employ a 3-way call system to record calls. Automatic Call Recorder easily takes the lead in this category. You are protected because the software allows recording for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Other features of the software include compatibility for several cloud services including Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and more, a tidy organizational structure for keeping recorded calls, the ability to edit recorded audio, and more. You may use this program to create call transcripts, which is one of its unique features. The majority of customers will be able to use this function because it supports more than 50 languages. Overall, you should check out this excellent iPhone call recording software.

Download: Automatic Call Recorder (Free trial, paid plans starting at $6.99/week)

4. Call Recorder iCal‪l‬

One of my favorite call recording applications for the iPhone is Call Recorder iCall. It significantly simplifies call recording. Simply hit the record button on the app, followed by the merge call button, to record a call. Although the procedure has been streamlined, it still records your calls via a three-way call system. It captured talks from both sides throughout my testing, and I heard no audio interference.

I also appreciate that this program doesn’t cap the length of your recordings. Once you’ve paid for the subscription, you can keep recording calls indefinitely. There is no issue because it can record both incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, the app offers a 3-day free trial so that you may use it and evaluate it before deciding to purchase it.

Download: Call Recorder iCal‪l‬ (Free, subscription starts at $5.99/week)

5. Call Recorder Lite

On your iPhone, you may record both incoming and outgoing calls using the free software called Call Recorder Lite. It records your calls using the same three-way call merging method that we have seen in other applications. You must first launch the app before selecting the record call button in order to record a call. In this case, the app will first contact the recorded number; once connected, you may then call the desired number. When you combine the two calls, the recording of your call will begin.

Other capabilities include the option to share calls via emails, iMessage, or Twitter, as well as the ability to transfer the calls to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can record as many calls as you like with the free edition, but you can only listen to the first 60 seconds of the recording. For $9.99, you may get the pro edition of the software, which includes a credit good for 300 minutes. You must purchase more minutes from the app if you desire them.

Download: Call Recorder Lite (Free / Pro version available for $9.99)

6. Call Recorder App

Check out this app if you’re seeking for a free call recorder for your iPhone. Limited free recording sessions are available on the app. By asking your friends to use the app, you may raise the cap. It works with both domestic and international calls and allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls. This program has the advantage of not saving your calls on external servers, keeping your calls private.

It uses VoIP to make a three-way call, thus there is no time restriction and no additional cell carrier fees. The disadvantage is that using the VoIP capability will require a functional internet connection. The fact that you can use this program to record calls even without a SIM card is a significant plus, though.

Download: Call Recorder Ap‪p by Profuse (Free, Premium at $29.99/month)

7. Call Recorder – Int Call

Another excellent call recording software for iPhones is Call Recorder – Int Call. On every device I tested it on, the software performed flawlessly, just as TapeACall Pro. However, this is where their similarities end. In stark contrast to TapeACall Pro, the program handles recording and pricing quite differently. First, you must use the app’s built-in dial pad to call the number in order for the app to be able to record phone calls.

It is a bit more difficult to record incoming calls because one must first launch the program and then adhere to the on-screen instructions. Having said that, the function operates flawlessly. The software allows you to either keep the recordings to your phone or upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive. If you’d like, you may also email the recorded chat to yourself. In terms of cost, the app charges you 10 cents per minute to record your call; regrettably, this fee may differ according on your country. You do receive 30 cents in app credit to get you going.

Download: Call Recorder – Int Call by TeleStar LTD (Free with in-app purchases)

8. Call Recording by NoNotes

With the ability to transcribe the recorded calls, Call Recording by NoNotes takes call recording one step further. You may record both incoming and outgoing calls with the app. You also receive all the standard capabilities, such as the ability to share through Facebook or email, save call recordings to the cloud, and more. The capability of transcription, the usage of the app for dictation, and QR code files for playing are additional features that have been included.

You can record calls for free for the first 20 minutes of each month; after that, you must pay for the service. The transcribing service will run you anything from $7.50 per minute to $423 for ten hours, and the call recording option will cost you $10 per month ($8 if you pay annually). Currently, the app is only accessible in the US.

Download: Call Recording by NoNotes Inc (Free with in-app purchases)

9. Call Recorder App: RecMyCalls

Another excellent iPhone call recording software is RecMyCalls, which records both incoming and outgoing calls. The software provides you with crystal-clear recordings of talks on both sides. It utilizes a conference call technology to record your calls, just as other iPhone call recorder apps. To record the calls, you must make a phone call from within the app.

You will need to wait a little while after making a phone call using the app before you can select the combine calls option. When it is, just hit the button to combine calls, and the call will be recorded. The software lets you know that the call is indeed being recorded by clearly displaying the recording time. This app’s ability to accurately turn your recordings into text and export the transcriptions is one of its features. However, the premium edition costs $5.99 each week, which is pricey. The yearly package, though, will run you a little bit more than $4 each month ($49.99 per year).

Download: RecMyCalls Call Recorder (Free trial, $5.99/month)

10. Phone Call Recorder

The fantastic iOS call recording software Phone Call Recorder makes it incredibly simple to record voice calls on your iPhone. The best feature of the app is that it can be used without a SIM card. It connects the call using its own internet services. The program allows you to record both domestic and international calls. The software promises to provide a high-quality recording experience with a variety of sharing options for calls, including emails, cloud storage, and other social media platforms.

The app includes a built-in voice recorder that makes it simple to capture audio on your iPhone. It offers a simple way to convert your recordings into text, much like other call recording programs. It also supports a number of languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese, and others. Remember that it has a brief free trial period and that the premium version costs $5.99 each week.

Download: Phone Call Recorder (Free trial, $5.99/week)

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