Top 7 Best DNS for Gaming [Fastest DNS Servers in 2024]

A DNS is used to determine the IP address of a website, such, so that a web browser may load it. Every domain name on the internet has an IP address associated with it.

In essence, DNS aids in the conversion of domain names into the appropriate IP addresses. DNS assists in translating a domain name—which is simpler to remember—into the associated IP address so you don’t have to type the IP address of a website every time you wish to access it.

On the other hand, when playing an online game, the game client connects to the game server by using a DNS server to find the IP address connected to the game server.

You may wish to experiment with multiple DNS servers to determine which one works best for you, even though the DNS server mostly influences how responsive your game is based on your location. Our discussion of the top 7 DNS gaming servers in this post is due to this reason.

7 Best DNS for Gamingin 2024

It is crucial to comprehend how to select the ideal DNS for your gaming requirements before moving on to the greatest DNS for gaming.

1. Cloudflare DNS

We have ranked Cloudflare, a free DNS provider that offers a dependable and quick online surfing experience, as the best DNS for gaming. Most people agree that the quickest DNS for online gaming and surfing is Cloudflare’s DNS resolver. This is because of a number of things, such as its increased server capacity and more than 250 locations worldwide.

Cloudflare is an enterprise-class DNS that provides consumers with private browsing in addition to speeding up surfing. Stated differently, Cloudflare forbids IP address monitoring and features integrated DNSSEC security, which guards against DNS record hijacking and on-path attacks.

Because it claims not to sell user data to advertising, unlike other DNS providers, you may use this DNS with confidence when gaming. In addition, it’s simple to configure, whether you want to do so on a single device or across your network to impact all linked devices.

2. Google DNS

You may always use Google DNS, another well-liked and excellent public DNS service, to achieve the best results when converting domain names to IP addresses that your gaming device can recognize.

This DNS is undoubtedly among the greatest available because it is supported by Google, but that may also be a drawback because Google isn’t the greatest choice if privacy is a concern.

Since it is a public DNS resolver, it is susceptible to DoS attacks and other types of online attacks. However, Google has taken the appropriate precautions to shield its customers from these threats, including timely server monitoring and DNSSEC support.

Because it provides a plethora of options that enable you to conduct quick and safe DNS searches when using the Internet, Google Public DNS is among the finest available.

3. Quad9

Another free DNS resolver that might help you have the greatest gaming experience is Quad9, whose primary feature is system security.

In certain areas, this may be a faster and more secure alternative to your default DNS for gaming than services like Google DNS.

As previously indicated, Quad9 claims to have 150 DNS resolution clusters spread over 90 countries, which improves game performance.

In general, it protects your machine against phishing and malware, among other hazards. Since Quad9 does not retain or utilize user IP addresses, it complies with GDPR regulations.

4. DNS.Watch

A well-known public DNS server with a zero-logging policy, DNS.Watch prioritizes user privacy. This implies that when you use this DNS resolver, you don’t need to be concerned about your data being processed or stored in any manner.

It supports DNSSEC and provides public DNS servers for both IPV4 and IPV6. It is a fantastic DNS for gaming, but because it is hosted in Germany, its effectiveness is limited to users in Europe, and users in other continents may not get the best out of it.

DNS.WATCH guarantees that your DNS queries are answered swiftly and in complete anonymity with our unfiltered DNS service. With its speed-optimized design, this DNS server provides lag-free gaming without interfering with your internet connection.

5. OpenDNS

If you’re searching for a quick and safe DNS to utilize when gaming, OpenDNS is an additional choice. Since its launch, this free DNS service—which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses—has gained a reputation for having a high uptime.

Because OpenDNS offers a worldwide network of servers with well-designed routing technology, your DNS requests will load quicker because they will be automatically routed to the closest OpenDNS data center.

You’ll discover that this DNS provider typically provides better DNS security and stability. The ability to filter material based on your tastes is one of this DNS service’s most alluring features.

6. Level 3

A other free DNS resolver that works well for gaming is Level 3. Despite lacking the comprehensive infrastructure of other DNS servers such as Google and Cloudflare, Level 3 is a publicly available DNS service that offers dependable and steady Internet connectivity.

As Level 3 DNS is tailored for PlayStation 4 and Xbox games, it provides lightning-fast performance and a lag-free gaming experience. It is a Tier-1 provider that does not rely on outside client services and has its own network infrastructure.

It is not only quick to use, but it is also safe to use because it does not save user data. With Level 3’s DNS service, customers may enjoy a fast Internet experience that is ideal for gaming by having their DNS searches immediately sent to the closest DNS server.

7. Comodo Secure DNS

One of the greatest and most feature-rich DNS resolvers available is Comodo Secure DNS, if you’d want to try something else quick and dependable for gaming.

It has much of the same functionality as the other DNS resolvers this page covers. Since Comodo Secure DNS has servers in the majority of places, it provides you with a better and lag-free Internet connection and ensures that its users, who are worldwide, have the finest surfing experience.

By providing cutting-edge security features like 256-bit encryption and integrated defense against malware, viruses, and phishing scams, this DNS shields users from dangerous intrusions. Additionally, it stops advertisements on mobile applications and websites.

Therefore, by altering your DNS settings to the values listed below, you may utilize Comodo if you’re a gamer searching for the best DNS for gaming.

So what should I look for in a gaming DNS provider?

Although nearly every DNS server on the above list is suitable for gaming, several DNS servers perform better due to their geographical location. Thus, you should look for a DNS server that is local to your location before choosing one to utilize for gaming.

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