Top 10 Best Manga Apps for Android and iPhone (2024)

While I enjoyed reading many kinds of comics, my favorite genre was manga, or Japanese comic books. Those mangas made a strong impression because to their captivating plots and striking illustrations. And despite having a ton of Netflix movies to choose from, I keep going back to the sophisticated Japanese comics. They keep me busy with a lot of sensations that are difficult to put into words. You need look no farther than our detailed list of the top 12 manga apps for Android and iPhone if you are eager to give them a trial as well.

What genres of manga do you prefer to read: comedies, action, horror, or love stories? I have chosen the applications that appeal to a variety of preferences in consideration of the age-old axiom that “one size may not fit all.” Therefore, you may find mangas that can send you on a long reading binge no matter what appeals to your taste. And it doesn’t cost you much or anything at all. Now that enough has been stated, let’s go on to the first tale in a lengthy series! Listed below are our top 12 manga apps:

1. Tachiyomi

One of the most popular manga reader applications for Android users is Tachiyomi. You may get this Manga reader for your phone for free and without restrictions. Although the program itself doesn’t provide a list of comics to read, you may add manga sources to it, and it will automatically arrange them so you can read whatever comic you like at your leisure. MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangumi are just a few of the services it supports.

The reader itself is also very adjustable; you may change the color filters, among other features, as well as add your own reading modes. The fact that this software is only compatible with Android is its lone limitation. If you use an iPhone, you’ll need to use one of the other applications on our list if you want to get your manga fix. The majority of the sources for this application are supplied by scanlation organizations, which is another disadvantage. As a result, the majority of the mangas that are available for reading are not officially issued by the licensing distributors.

Install: Android (Free)

2. VIZ Manga

I think Viz Manga is the next-best manga reading software. The app gives you access to the most popular manga and comics, including big series like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Academia, Naruto Next Generations, and cult favorites like Vampire Knight, Tokyo Ghoul, Official RWBY Manga Anthology, and more. It boasts the full VIZ digital portfolio. Additionally, the app often adds new series, such as the hugely popular Chainsawman, so you never run out of incredibly intriguing things to read.

Making a sizable collection of intriguing mangas is one of this app’s best features, in my opinion. You may catch up on your favorite comics at your own speed with a completely customized library. It also provides a downloading option so you may read books even when you are not connected to the internet. Additionally, the app offers free previews of premium volumes so you can decide what to buy.

Install: Android and iOS  (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Crunchyroll Manga

Having the official manga app at your disposal makes it simple to choose the newest manga titles straight from Japan. Crunchyroll Manga, an official manga app for Android and iOS, allows you to rapidly access the latest manga volumes as soon as they are released on Japanese newsstands, as you may have previously surmised. So it will be easy for you to keep up with all the popular books, such as Fairy Tail, Space Brothers, and Attack on Titan.

The app has a simple design and has some cool customization capabilities so you can fine-tune all of your favorite books to suit your reading preferences. Be aware that the freemium approach used by Crunchyroll Manga is rather simple. Therefore, if you want to access the whole catalog of series or have limitless reading time, you must purchase a premium subscription. Additionally, Crunchyroll’s manga application has the same issue as the main Crunchyroll site: there aren’t many series available for you to read, and the ones that are already available take a while to update. In any case, Crunchyroll Manga is a solid substitute, albeit not one I would strongly advise.

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

I had to add the Shonen Jump series somewhere on my list of the top manga applications for iPhone and Android, right? If you enjoy reading manga from the Shonen Jump series, the Shonen Jump app is what you need. You may read up to 100 chapters every day for free with the app. If you’d want to read more than that, you can purchase unlimited reading for $1.99 per month.

You won’t ever have to wait for new chapters since Shonen Jump includes all the most recent chapters from all of your favorite Shonen Jump series that are updated as soon as new chapters are published. Remember, though, that this software only covers the Shonen Jump series, which has some of the most well-known characters including Naruto, Dr. Stone, and One Piece.

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

5. Mangamo

There are numerous that sell manga illegally when you search for the top manga reader apps for Android and iPhone. That’s wrong, therefore you should visit Mangamo if you want to read manga legally and make sure the creators receive their just compensation. One of the top manga reader apps available, it offers a respectable selection of books for you to browse. Some of the most popular manga series, like Attack on Titan, are available on the app.

With a monthly subscription price of $4.99, you may view more than 300 manga comics. Every week, new chapters are published, giving you never-ending material to read. Additionally, there are no adverts, so they won’t interfere with your experience by showing up at random or in other places. Additionally, Mangamo allows anybody to read one free chapter every 24 hours without registering if they wish to give it a try before subscribing.

Install: Android and iOS (Free, subscription priced at $4.99 per month)

6. Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a different manga reader software you should try out. You may read as many manga comics as you want whenever you want thanks to the service. It is an official service that offers practically every Shonen Jump title you can imagine for free. You can discover all the comics on Manga Plus, whether you’re a fan of Naruto, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, or Dragon Ball.

Shueisha, a Japanese publisher that collaborates with manga artists and creators, is in charge of Manga Plus, which offers the most recent chapters from all of your favorite Manga series in both English and Spanish. Therefore, you may use our free manga reader app with confidence knowing that you are not engaging in piracy.

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

7. INKR Comics

The creators of the well-known scanlation manga aggregation software “Manga Rock” are also responsible for INKR Comics. The team, which was formed in April 2020, aims to assist publishers and authors of comic books. To do this, content producers and publishers receive a portion of the app’s income.

You may access a wide range of comics with this app, including those in the genres of action, romance, comedy, horror, drama, Isekai, slice-of-life, sci-fi, and more. You will find stuff that you are likely to enjoy when combined with the personalized suggestions system. Additionally, the software automatically syncs your data and reading progress if you use several devices.

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. MangaToon

I would advise you to check MangaToon if you want to read vibrant comics. This manga app seems to be exactly on the money in terms of having a sizable collection and a broad variety of genres, such as humor, love, horror, romance, and action. Like most of its competitors, it regularly adds the newest online comics. Additionally, you may create a wonderful collection of your favorite books depending on your preferences and even download the ones you want to read uninterrupted when offline.

Have a captivating tale to tell others? However, you may also pen your own, long-hidden stories and share them with others. The site may provide your articles with the necessary exposure so that they can earn you a lot of appreciation. Another benefit from a flexibility standpoint is the fact that MangaToon supports a number of languages, including English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai.

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Manga Dogs

A highly user-friendly software like Manga Dogs shouldn’t be overlooked while discussing the best manga applications for iOS and Android. This app’s enormous collection of thousands of mangas from more than 20 sources is among its best features. Therefore, I wager that it will be able to satisfy all of your reading preferences. Finding mangas that can live up to your preferences should be simple because the app also monitors your interests and makes recommendations appropriately.

To ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite books, it also notifies you once they are updated. Additionally, Manga Docs has a convenient advanced setting that enables a ton of customisation to liven up your reading.

Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Manga Zone/MangaHouse

Manga Zone completes our ranking of the top manga applications for iPhone and Android. Anyone who enjoys reading manga on their smartphone ought to download this app. More than 15,000 books are available for you to read at Manga Zone. You won’t need to search for a translated copy to read because all the titles on Manga Zone are available in English.

Both the iPhone and Android operating systems support Manga Zone, albeit the Android app can only be downloaded from the official website and not the Play Store. Manga Zone updates with new chapters as soon as they are released, much like Shonen Jump, and you can even store your favorites. You can download comics to read offline, and the program has a fantastic search option. Overall, this manga software for iPhone and Android is fantastic.

Install: Android and iOS (Free)

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