TOP 10 Best Pokémon Emulators for Android IN 2024

A Pokémon game is available for Android users. For the finest gameplay experience, check out these Pokémon emulators.

Since its inception in 1996, the Pokémon franchise has generated a number of anime television series, console video games, and merchandise. The finest Pokémon games can be downloaded and played for free on Android smartphones and tablets thanks to the development of emulators. Let’s explore the list of Pokémon emulators that are best for your device and learn about their features and compatibility.

The top 10 Android Pokemon Emulators

One of the most treasured entertainment properties of all time is Pokémon. Since its beginning, people have been in a frenzy. Therefore, this post will assist you in locating the top Pokémon emulator for Android, whether you are an experienced gamer or a beginner looking to start your trip. Let’s start!

1. nds4droid

The first choice on our list is the free Nintendo DS emulator nds4droid. There are many features that will help you when gaming, despite the fact that it is still in the development stage and requires a lot of work. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and functions flawlessly on your Android smartphone. Other characteristics are:

Unlockable emulator
Offers on-screen controls and hardware controllers, and supports Nintendo DS titles like Mario Kart and Pokémon.
Features frame skipping and state saving, full-screen mode, and adjustable screen size and layout
Emulation speed and cheat settings that may be adjusted

2. M64Plus FZ Emulator

M64Plus FZ Emulator is the next item on our list. The majority of games, including all vintage Pokémon games, function on this one. However, finding video plugins for the games that really function requires some research. One of the most downloaded Pokémon emulators for Android, it offers a number of features to enhance the gameplay experience. One of the few emulators that still gets updated frequently is this one. Additionally, it provides:

highly detailed textures
challenging for newcomers
individual controller mappings
game state saving and loading capabilities
enables a variety of games
Emulator has a variety of plugins
hardly any adverts
compatible with both the newest Android 13 version and previous iterations
only the Pro version of the software supports NetPlay server.

3. RetroArch

Another Pokémon emulator, RetroArch, is available for Linux and Android and supports all major operating systems. The Libertro interface enables this cross-platform interoperability, which elevates it to the top of the heap among Android emulators. Its Android version supports games for the Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and original Game Boy in addition to console games and non-Nintendo platforms. You must download the ROM for each emulator, though. You may also enjoy the following features after downloading this Pokémon emulator for free on your Android device:

open-source undertaking
a big selection of applications
online core download
Support for shaders will enhance game graphics
NetPlay for gaming online
Save game states for rapid game advancement.
support for controllers and gamepads
Media player with integrated video and audio files
less advertisements
multilingual capability
Utilizing cheat codes


You can improve the visuals of the game you’re playing using DraStic. With this emulator, you may improve the visuals of your game for a more realistic experience. This emulator has all the same capabilities as the others on this list, including support for external controllers. DraStic DS can be run on the majority of Android devices, however more expensive smartphones and tablets perform better. It allows you to back up saved game data directly to your Google Drive Cloud and comes with hundreds of pre-loaded cheats. Along with that, it has:

enables a variety of games
provides opportunities for customizing
a quick-forward function
many saving slots
support for controllers and gamepads
rendering with high resolution and shader effects
Using Google Drive, store

5.My Boy! – GBA Emulator

The most well-known and often used emulator on Google Play Store is called My Boy! – GBA Emulator. While the free version of this Pokémon emulator is better suited for beginners, professionals may upgrade to the paid version to access all features and premium options. It offers a well-designed user interface that is straightforward and tidy. Other characteristics are:

Easily integrates with the most recent version of Android; quick emulation; excellent game compatibility
assistance with external controllers
chilled filters
Create and modify key-mapping and screen layout profiles
supports skipping cutscenes with fast forward
The sync of saves with Google Drive
electronic keypad

6. John GBA Lite

Popular Android emulator program John GBA Lite was created by John Emulators. By simulating the console’s hardware on mobile devices, you may play your favorite Pokémon games. It is simple to use and features a user-friendly interface. It’s crucial to remember that if you want to use this emulator to play games, you must download the ROMs for those games. There is also John GBA, a version that costs money and has additional features. The greatest Pokémon emulator for Android also offers:

Cheats for the original GBA engine (Raw, GameShark, CodeBreaker)
rendering of visuals in high quality
electronic keypad
support for ZIP files
Both forward and backward motion
supports a variety of ROM file types
Game state is saved and loaded
allows for fast-forwarding
pleasant user interface
Compatible with Bluetooth/MOGA controllers

7. EmuBox

A popular Android Pokémon emulator called EmuBox scans your old game files once you get them for free so you can quickly play them on your smartphone. It has a ton of features that make it easier for the emulator to function with a range of gaming consoles, such as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and others. This emulator allows for up to 20 save spaces per ROM, which is a lot. Simply save your game at each checkpoint you choose to avoid worrying about running out of spaces for saving. Other characteristics are:

accommodates cheat codes
Support for gamepads and adaptable on-screen controls
Support for many game file formats Booster buttons
the PSX emulator
Support for several languages Features Ads

8. Lemuroid

Using the Lemuroid emulator, you can imitate retro gaming systems like the Nintendo DS and play Pokémon. It’s possible that the greatest Pokémon emulator for Android is this open-source choice. Lemuroid also earns bonus points for having a ton of features, such as compatibility for several gaming systems. Modern features like cloud storage syncing are also included in this free program. Other qualities include:

includes Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and PlayStation 1 among the many game systems and consoles it supports.
has no advertisements
user-friendly UI that is neat
Options for visual, audio, and control customization
quick slots save
allows for zipped ROMs
Features cloud sync save
Compatible with Bluetooth/MOGA controllers
Lightweight and enhanced for the best Android performance

9. Dolphin Emulator

Another free to download Pokémon emulator for Android is Dolphin Emulator. There are several adjustable features. Furthermore, using this emulator to play your favorite Pokémon games will be simple as all you need is the ROM file. The biggest drawback of Dolphin is that it requires a rather powerful setup, so you’ll need a high-end smartphone in your pocket to run the emulator without stuttering. Additionally, it provides:

enables a large number of games
It doesn’t include any games.
Increase the resolution of visuals to high definition
At any time, you can save and resume the game.
NetPlay assistance
Options for visual, audio, and control customization
Support for gamepads and external controllers
To further increase visual quality, advanced technologies like anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering are used.

10. Citra Emulator

Citra is a great substitute for the other emulators for players who want to play 4K Pokémon games. Citra is popular among users not just for its superior quality but also for its multiplayer capabilities. With Citra’s modern user interface and advanced system settings, playing retro video games with your friends has never been easier. The Citra Premium in-app purchase includes dark themes and additional texture filtering options. Other characteristics are:

suitable for a variety of games
enhanced graphics features include resolution scaling and texture filtering
offers a camera, a microphone, and motion controls
Game state backup and restore
Support for multiplayer gaming so you may play with friends and other players
Effective optimization for improved Android Gamepad and Controller support performance


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