Top 10 Best Apps to Record Phone Calls on Android & iPhone (2024)

In order to produce high-quality material in the twenty-first century, it’s likely that you’ll need to use a variety of cutting-edge recording technologies.

Recording phone calls may be an excellent method to make sure you always have access to the information you want, whether you’re creating a podcast, conducting an interview with a celebrity, or simply attempting to maintain control of meetings and conversations.

Fortunately, it’s simple to record calls thanks to the abundance of Android and iPhone apps that are accessible. These technologies allow you to record audio in real time, which you may afterwards use for contemplation or publishing.

Are you interested in knowing which applications are the finest choices for call recording? Here are 20 of our favorites for the year 2023!

Can your phone record a phone call?

Modern technology has made it simple to record material on your phone, allowing you to simply record audio during phone calls.

Even though the majority of Android and Apple smartphones lack built-in call recording software, both paid and free recording applications are easily accessible via the app store.

High-quality audio capture is always just a few clicks away when you use efficient, simple-to-use recording solutions!

Why would you want to record a phone call using an app?

There are a variety of reasons why you would decide to record a phone call using an app.

Some iPhone and Android users use recording apps to document interviews and other business discussions, such meetings at the office. This information may be used by you personally to guide training or decision-making at work, or it may be included in a podcast or other audio production. You can look back on knowledge and prevent forgetting vital aspects by recording audio material.

There are several advantages to utilizing a program designed specifically for call recording. It may be challenging to obtain the material you need if other applications or secondary device systems provide poor audio or omit parts of a two-way discussion. Apps made specifically for call recording aim to solve these issues by fully and accurately capturing multi-channel audio.
What to take into account while selecting a call recording app

It’s a good idea to take into account the features that your preferred program may provide when looking for a phone call recording software. While some recording apps merely provide the most fundamental recording functions, some offer further functionality that could help other applications for the information that is taken.
Sound Performance

Sound quality should be your main concern when choosing your recording program! The superb sound quality offered by several apps makes it simple to notice even modest sound effects. This can guarantee that you can clearly hear your recording when you play it back and is a crucial factor to take into account if you intend to share your recording as part of an audio production. Call recordings may be downloaded and exported in either WAV, which can hold more data, or MP3, which is compressed and is therefore simpler to post to other channels.
recording in many channels

The ability of an app to record in several channels is another crucial aspect to take into account. When you record sounds from many audio sources, this is what happens. Others can extract audio from both or even many sides of your call, while some programs may only be able to record one side of your discussions. This makes it more likely that your final recording will capture your discussion more accurately.
Ability to play videos

Additionally, it might be beneficial to consider the possibility of video compatibility, particularly if you’re recording a phone call for broadcast in a podcast or social media video. Some phone recording applications can record video from video conferences like FaceTime. Your final recording’s completeness can benefit greatly from this.
editing tools

You should constantly think about the editing tools and capabilities available while recording phone calls. While some programs just offer raw recordings, others come with editing features that let you chop, clip, and change audio files. With the help of the built-in editing tools, you may quickly edit recordings in their natural surroundings while choosing the audio portions that are most useful for your needs.

The next factor that defines a successful phone call recording software is storage concerns. Some apps let you keep recordings right there in the app. Others provide features for uploading to the Cloud or even exporting to the storage on your smartphone. The ideal recording software should include a variety of safe storing choices so that you never lose crucial information.

Finally, choose a recording app with decent sharing and saving capabilities is a smart idea. It could be challenging to export, preserve, and share your recordings using some programs. You may access and share your audio material with the aid of other applications that provide user-friendly sharing options.
2023’s top 19 free and paid call recording apps

Searching for the top call recording applications available in 2023? There are many fantastic solutions available, whether you have an iPhone or an Android device!

1. TapeACall

It’s simple to manage your recording backlist and plan phone call recordings with TapeACall. With this software, you can easily record crystal-clear audio information and utilize built-in audio transcription capabilities!

Important characteristics:

Call records with built-in transcribing capabilities
distributing recordings to other platforms and channels
Tools for scheduling call and meeting recording

2. Call Recorder iCall

You may effortlessly record an endless number of conversations with the Call Recorder iCall software, which allows recording for both incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll have access to excellent storage options and a user-friendly digital interface with this software.

Important characteristics:

a simple UI with helpful tools
There are countless recording possibilities.
Customer assistance to address issues

3. Call Recorder – Phone Record

With the press of a button, you may record a variety of phone calls with the Call Recorder – Phone Record app. Along with built-in editing and cutting features, this program also offers automated speech-to-text transcription in more than 50 different languages.

Important characteristics:

tools for post-recording editing
Secure recording storage using cloud technology
built-in speech-to-text technologies

4. Recordeon

Recordeon offers an intuitive user interface that makes it simple to record audio from both incoming and outgoing calls. With the help of this app, you can easily manage and distribute finished recordings as well as access high-performance recording tools.

Important characteristics:

management features and tools for recordings
Options for recording voice memos
access to internet assistance as necessary

5. Phone Call Recorder & Planner

You may plan out your phone call recordings with the Phone Call Recorder & Planner software, adding reminders to make sure you don’t miss essential calls. The software offers user-friendly storage and sharing options in addition to in-call note-taking capabilities.

Important characteristics:

the app’s call reminders setting
Using the in-call notes function for work
Options for managing recordings

6. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Saving time on phone call recordings is simple with the Automatic Call Recorder Pro app. This software gives you access to immediate Slack distribution and call recording. With speech-to-text accessible in more than 50 languages, you can also handle cross-border discussions.

Important characteristics:

available Slack distribution options
50 language speech-to-text conversion
Support for international calls

7. Automatic Call Recorder

With the help of the user-friendly Automatic Call Recorder software, you can record and manage phone calls in great detail. You can simply post information to Slack, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google with this app, and you can use speech-to-text features in more than 50 different languages.

Important characteristics:

editing audio files using native software
Built-in Slack connectivity features with possible speech-to-text conversions

8. Call Recorder™

The Call RecorderTM app makes it simple to record sounds! With this software, you can effortlessly record and share material to various internet locations while also capturing an infinite number of incoming and outgoing calls.

Important characteristics:

capturing calls in a variety of forms and sorts
Countless recordings are offered
Features that make sharing simple for wider dissemination

9. Phone Call Recorder No.1

Using the conference call capability offered by your carrier, you may easily and rapidly record phone calls with the Phone Call Recorder No.1 app. The software offers intuitive navigation and design features, as well as built-in sharing and storing capabilities.

Important characteristics:

Numerous recording possibilities are available.
easy-to-use navigational tools
Simple sharing to other devices

10. Call Recorder – Cube ACR

You may record phone conversations on any Android device with the Call Recorder – Cube ACR software, and you can share your recording to a number of social networking sites. Additionally, this software includes storage and automation features.

Important characteristics:

high-quality audio recordings
a logical interface design
Options for integrating social media

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