Top 7 Best Voice Recorder Apps (Android & iPhone) in 2024

Use a dependable voice recorder whether you’re a podcaster, student, journalist, or interviewer.

However, this does not imply that you must run out and buy a new gadget. With the help of a decent voice recorder app, you can quickly record high-quality audio on your phone. Unsure of what’s available?

Continue reading! In this article, we’ll explain various tools you’ll need to capture high-quality audio along with our picks for the best voice recorder apps of 2024.

What Is an App for Voice Recording?

The sound is recorded using a voice recorder, which then turns it into an audio file that may be saved and used later. You could have an image of the little black rectangle that, while asking a renowned person for a reply, reporters in movies thrust into their face.

You don’t need a separate piece of equipment to capture any noises that are within range of your smartphone’s microphone if you have one. Mobile applications called voice recorder apps allow you to make voice memos for yourself or record noises from meetings and interviews.

Voice note applications are pre-installed on both iOS and Android phones, but if you’re seeking for more sophisticated features like improved audio quality or AI-based transcription, you might want to use a third-party software.

Voice Recorder Apps: Benefits

It could appear like voice recorders have few use if you’re used to writing things down. However, recorder applications enable you to remember every little detail of what was said or the mood of the situation.

How many circumstances come to mind when having that skill would seem like having a superpower?

You could be participating in your first marathon. A audio recorder app enables you to capture the excitement felt at the starting line, including the conversation of the anxious spectators, the announcer’s microphone boom, and the rock music blasting from the adjacent speakers.

A well-known celebrity may be the subject of an interview for your business blog. Trying to recall what was said while taking handwritten notes may be disastrous and time-consuming.

Take a voice recording instead. You won’t have to be concerned about immediately taking notes because you’ll have a precise record of what was stated. You may concentrate on participating, listening, and deciding what to ask as your next perceptive question.

You can benefit from having a live recording of what was spoken in many circumstances, both personal and professional. You’ll always have that recorder with you if it’s an app on your phone.

The 7 Best Voice Recorder Apps for 2024
Our best voice recorder is: Riverside

We advise utilizing Riverside’s mobile app as a voice recording tool if you want the highest audio quality and simplicity. A professional recording studio is in your pocket with Riverside’s Android and iOS app!

This is a great option for any artist who is on the road because it has high-resolution audio (and video), distinct tracks for each of your participants, and remote recording features. The best part is that Riverside specializes in local recording, thus all files are recorded right on your device. This prevents a bad internet connection from compromising the resolution of your recording.


For journalists who only want to unlock their phones at any time and push record, there is a free iOS software called Alice. No matter your level of skill, it is incredibly simple and quick to use and has a stylish appearance.


  • It’s easy to start up and simply needs an email address to function.
  • No tracking or adverts
  • Simple to use while recording: press to save the audio file and swipe right to pause.
  • automated transcription

Appleā€™s Voice Memos App

The Voice Memos app from Apple is a fantastic option for novices. You don’t even need to download an additional app to utilize your iPhone, iWatch, or iPad as a portable audio recorder.


  • You may sync your mobile device with your Mac using iCloud support.
  • There are compressed and uncompressed audio formats available.
  • Automatic naming of recordings is done based on your location.
  • You may clip, replace, and minimize annoying sounds using editing tools.
  • You stay organized with search and sort capabilities.
  • The Skip Silence function automatically skips audio pauses.


iPhone users may record and modify other sounds with AudioShare, a sound file organizer for artists. The cost is $4.99.


  • File recording, trimming, converting, normalizing, transferring, zipping, and unzipping
  • File sharing across and among apps
  • Transform data into M4A AAC, WAV, ALAC, CAF, and AIFF formats.
  • Integrated Dropbox client
  • Integrated text editor allows you to add notes.

Easy Voice Recorder Pro

An readily accessible Home Screen widget in the free Easy Voice Recorder Pro software for Android and iOS allows you to record your surroundings. The cost of the app’s Premium edition is $3.99 for Android and $1.99 for iOS.


  • files in PCM, MP4, or AAC
  • automatic uploading to iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox
  • Transcription
  • accelerated listening
  • restricted editing options, such as audio trimming

Otter Voice Notes

A meeting recording and transcription app is called Otter. It is accessible for free and in a Premium ($12.99 per month or $99.99 per year) edition on both iOS and Android. The subscription edition offers 6,000 monthly minutes in addition to Zoom meeting recordings, whereas the free version only offers 600 monthly minutes.


  • Transcripts can be edited and highlighted by team members.
  • Live captioning for meetings to increase accessibility
  • Siri and the Home Screen widget Cut-off for rapid recording
  • instantaneous transcriptions
  • Slide and photo insertions
  • search tool for transcription
  • adjustable playback speed
  • Publish to PDF, TXT, SRT, or MP3


The transcribing company Rev also provides a recording app for iOS and Android users. You may request a transcription of your recording from within the app, and for a per-minute fee, a real person will accurately transcribe your audio.


  • endless recordings
  • Trim recordings using simple audio editing tools.
  • Export to Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.
  • For recordings under 30 minutes, transcriptions may be completed in 12 hours.
  • automatic Dropbox backups
  • You may use other applications or put your phone to sleep while background recording is active.


Tape-a-Talk is a free and practical recording tool for Android users that enables you to record right from your home screen and store recordings to a number of cloud storage options.

Features consist of:

  • Screen-off and background recordings
  • audio without compression up to 44.1 kHz PCM
  • With the choice to automatically upload to the cloud, internal or external storage
  • Customizable app interface with many color themes available
  • Create ringtones with recordings

Best Voice Recorder Apps for iOS

Nearly every audio recording app on the list above is compatible with iPhones. Your needs and the features that will be most useful to you will determine this. For instance, you might wish to use the audio recording feature integrated into your iPhone’s audio Memo App from Apple. While Otter and Alice both offer transcriptions, this is straightforward and simple to use.

Your top alternatives for free iPhone voice recorders probably include:

  • Carroll Riverside
  • Voice Memos by Apple
  • Otter Simple Voice Recorder

For Android, the Best Voice Recorder Apps

You have several alternatives for audio recorder applications on Android, just as with the iPhone. Additionally, Android provides a free built-in voice recorder that could be all you want. On the other hand, you might like to check out the top audio applications for Android listed below if you’d want transcriptions or other features:

Otter Tape-a-Talk Easy Voice Recorder in Riverside.

The Best Lecture Recording App

Instead of attempting to write down all the critical material they hear in class, many students opt to record their lectures. With this choice, you may focus entirely on what your lecturer is saying while yet getting a full record of what was spoken.

The most often used applications for recording lectures include:

  • Apple’s Voice Memos app, Alice
  • AudioShare

The top interview recording app

Selecting a recording app that enables transcription may be a good idea if you’re recording in person. Excellent choices are Alice and Otter. Riverside is the best choice for a trustworthy interview live recording software for Android and iOS if you’re working remotely. No matter where the participants are, you may record with up to 8 of them, and since all recordings are made locally, an internet connection won’t have an impact on the final product’s quality.

Best App for Multitrack Recording

When you record several audio tracks at once, you have multiple audio sources available. The ideal choice for you in this case is Riverside since you may record individual audio and video tracks for each participant. You now have additional editing options. The good news is that Riverside’s free plan allows for multitrack recording, while higher subscriptions give you access to more hours of multitrack recording.

What is Necessary to Record High-Definition Audio?

Finding the ideal audio recording program is just one aspect of the challenge. To assist you get the finest outcomes, you’ll also need to make an equipment investment.


Although you might be tempted to just utilize the built-in microphone on your phone, an external microphone is more sensitive and will produce audio of higher quality.

Therefore, you might want to think about getting an external microphone instead if you’re doing more than just recording your shopping list on voice memo. For additional information, see our buying a microphone guide.


Everyone engaged must be wearing headphones if you’re recording your voice (or the voices of your guests). Why? because it reduces background noise and allows you to hear your own voice, improving recording skill.

The kind of microphone you select is very crucial and mostly depends on your own comfort level and preferences. You may learn what to look for in a decent pair of headphones from our list of the top 10 podcast headphones!

Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Recorder Apps
Does the iPhone Have a Free Call Recorder App?

Thankfully, there are third-party apps that can record phone calls for you since call recording is not a capability that comes pre-installed on iPhones. The best-rated free call recorder applications include TapeACall: Call Recorder, Automatic call recorder, and Call Recorder for Phone.

Exists a free app that records audio?

Yes! Our collection contains a lot of free audio recording applications. The free mobile recording studio software from Riverside lets you produce high-quality audio anywhere. Fortunately, Riverside has a free option. However, if you want more features and higher recording quality, you can also try out one of their expensive plans.

Apple’s Voice Memos app and Alice are two more, more basic free audio recording applications.

Is there a speech recorder on my phone?

It’s possible that your phone already includes a built-in recorder if you use iOS or Android. You may utilize Apple’s Voice Memo app, which is a decent recording program, on iOS devices. A voice recorder is also included with Android. Although they might not be the greatest audio recording applications for Android or iPhone, they are free, easy to use, and available.

Final Thoughts: Voice Recorder Apps for High-Quality Recording

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may pick a variety of voice recorder apps. Many individuals desire a voice recorder software that can instantly transform their phone into a speech recorder so they may capture voice memos or spontaneous moments. Many applications may be used for this purpose, but our favorites include the iOS versions of Alice, AudioShare, Otter, Tape-a-Talk, and Voice Memos.

However, you might want to take Riverside’s iOS app into consideration if you wish to record high-quality audio, possibly for the purpose of creating audio content. Riverside offers a complex fusion of practicality, usability, and expert-quality outcomes with locally recorded, uncompressed audio, not to mention the opportunity for visitors to participate with a simple click.

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