Top 10 Best Free Transcription Software & Tools for Quick Transcripts

With transcription, you don’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time manually typing things down.

You can quickly and correctly transcribe audio and video with free transcription software. Finding a trustworthy instrument that you are confident will deliver high-quality results is the challenge. Being effective is important whether you need transcripts for rapid video captioning or just want to utilize them for your own research.

So how can you begin using the best free transcribing software?

Here is your comprehensive guide to the top free transcribing tools in Riverside. We’ll demonstrate what to think about and the best course of action for you!

Is there software for free transcription?

The good news is that there are many of top-notch transcribing software options available, supporting a variety of hardware and operating systems.

While some more sophisticated transcribing tools would need to be bought or subscribed to, others are available without charge. The good news is that quality need not be compromised. Numerous user-friendly features in free transcribing software enable you to automatically create excellent transcripts, saving time, worry, and money.

Additionally, keep a look out for premium applications, since many of them provide a trial period or added feature. For instance, we provide a free transcription generating tool while Riverside’s built-in transcription downloads are only available on subscription accounts.

The top 10 free transcribing tools and software for all PCs

The secret to creating great transcripts is selecting the appropriate software tools. Here are our top 10 suggestions for free applications to get you going.

1. Riverside

Riverside offers thorough transcriptions in more than 100 languages, but it is first and foremost a top-notch recording platform. If you use the built-in tool, transcriptions will be generated automatically after recording. Simply click a button to quickly download them as SRT or TXT files.

Try the free Ai transcription tool if you’re on a free plan or aren’t recording on Riverside. Here, you may upload any file and instantly have it transcribed. You won’t need to wait long to acquire free transcripts, unlike the built-in tool, which lacks text-based video editing and voice identification. (Note that only transcription downloads are accessible on the premium subscriptions; text-based editing is available on all levels.)

Important characteristics:

Immediately after recording a video, transcribe it without using any other software
Speaker distinction is used in built-in transcriptions so you can see who says what in your transcripts right away.
more than 100 different language transcriptions
Ai speech-to-text engineered for rapid, highly accurate transcriptions
Free online tool that anybody may use to create transcripts
Tools for quick and simple transcribing
High-quality audio recordings can help you make more accurate transcriptions.
SRT files make captioning simple, and TXT files make content reuse simple.
Video captioning software that converts your transcriptions into video captions automatically Text-based video editing that lets you change your recordings using your AI transcriptions

2. Happyscribe

Happyscribe is a user-friendly, highly accurate audio transcription application that is completely free. This web-based tool provides straightforward, rapid transcription for both audio and video files. Additionally, it features manual editing capabilities and sophisticated shortcuts that make improving content quality simple.

Important characteristics:

Accessible interactive transcription editor with all necessary functionality
Direct import from video sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and others
timestamps, speaker labels, and more advanced shortcuts

3. Otter AI

Otter AI is an approachable transcribing application created to support note-takers. This system has user-friendly live transcription features that allow you to convert audio to text as you talk. Otter is simple to integrate into your digital workspace since it can link to a variety of different programs and platforms.

Important characteristics:

Highlighting and assignment features during live transcribing
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet compatibility
Email post-meeting summary sent automatically to call participants

4. oTranscribe

An open-source, cost-free transcribing tool is called oTranscribe. Because of how straightforward this system is designed to be, even new users can easily traverse transcribing. The application has a number of features, such as excellent playback tools and interactive timestamps.

Important characteristics:

Built-in interactive timestamps and simple keyboard shortcuts Automatic storing minimizes the chance of transcription files being lost.
Markdown, plain text, and Google Docs are available as export formats.

5. Deepgram

Machine learning is used by Deepgram, an AI transcript platform, to create precise transcripts. This software tool operates with real-time enabling at an extraordinarily fast rate. The technology makes a wonderful choice for organizations since it connects finished transcripts with sales and customer service.

Important characteristics:

the ability to quickly and accurately transcribe an hour of audio.
Live automated transcribing capability in real-time
English, French, German, Hindi, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish are among the available languages.

6. Vowel

Vowel is a highly functional transcribing software system that uses artificial intelligence. This straightforward application enables both transcribing and recording. Users may quickly and easily retrieve accurate meeting transcripts and book mark certain audio segments for future reference.

Important characteristics:

With note features, accurate transcripts are nearly instantaneously produced.
Options for native calls and transcriptions hosting and recording
Full transcripts are supplied with AI-powered summaries.

7. Transcribear

The center for manual and machine transcribing tools is called Transcribear. For manual transcription and dictation, this software solution provides a 100% free speech-to-text tool with an intuitive user interface. If necessary, the technology also offers affordable choices for automatic transcribing.

Important characteristics:

Tools for accurate live transcription are also available.
interoperability with audio and video files is simple.
Spell checking, a multimedia player, a text editor, and auto-saving are all included in one package.


A transcription service called is made to record material from conversations, chats, voicemails, and video communications. With the help of this technology, customers may instantly acquire accurate and comprehensive transcripts. The software also makes use of AI technologies to extract crucial information from communications.

Important characteristics:

correctness of transcription across a variety of communication channels
Tools for auto-seek audio to speed up call and transcription review
Analytics powered by AI are accessible for study.


An automatic transcription tool with integrated recording and transcribing capabilities is called This program can give a high degree of accuracy and is compatible with a variety of video conferencing programs. Working swiftly, can generate comprehensive transcripts of audio and video information in only a few minutes.

Important characteristics:

Tools for internal communication and analysis
AI-driven search for simple content evaluation
Simple connection with a variety of our project management and communication solutions

10. Tactiq

Real-time transcribing software Tactiq is widely compatible with Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This program provides precise live transcription as a browser extension. When necessary, the system offers transcript summaries powered by AI and makes use of precise speaker identification.

Important characteristics:

Built-in AI meeting summaries with very precise timestamps and speaker recognition are driven by GPT-3. Technology using open AI
For finished transcripts, simple quotation and sharing options have been added.

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