Top 10 Best Apple Watch Games You Should Play in 2024

For the majority of users, the Apple Watch is a tool that keeps track of their activity levels, alerts, and, with the Series 4 and 5 models, their heart health thanks to the Apple Watch ECG function. That’s a good knowledge of the gadget, and with some helpful Apple Watch applications from third parties, it may be much more effective and powerful. But it has more uses than just that. On it, you may also play games! I’ve played the most of the entertaining watchOS 9 games available to make your life simpler. Here are the top 10 Apple Watch games for 2023.

The Best Apple Watch Games in 2024 for You

1. Pocket Bandit

Because of its fantastic gameplay and clever use of the Apple Watch’s taptic-engine and Digital Crown, Pocket Bandit is among my favorite paid apps for the device.

In the game, you will need to carefully dodge the anti-theft mechanisms set on some of the vaults as you break into them to steal cash, jewelry, and other precious stuff. On your Apple Watch, this is a great game to pass the time.

Buy Pocket Bandit from the App Store ($0.99)

2. Tiny Armies

If you enjoy playing strategy games as much as I do on my iPad, you should try Tiny Armies on your Apple Watch. The game offers a variety of playing types, such as solitary play, buddy battles, and even an iMessage app.

Swiping is all you need to play the game, but when natural elements like lakes and mountains are introduced, the levels get more challenging. You must prepare ahead of time since this is a turn-based strategy game because each action counts.

Download Tiny Armies from the App Store ($0.99)

3. Rules!

Rules! is an enjoyable puzzle game for the Apple Watch that stimulates your brain with its challenging problems if you’re seeking for the greatest puzzle games on the device. This game was created by TheCodingMonkeys, and it has also received the Editor’s Choice designation on the App Store, which is an honor.

To progress through stages in this game, you essentially have to adhere to the rules. The rules from earlier levels, however, are still in effect in future levels and are simply referred to as “Rule 1” or “Rule 4” etc. Therefore, in order to complete additional levels, you must keep a record of all the rules you have learnt from earlier levels. It goes without saying that the game becomes rather challenging very quickly.

Download Rules! from the App Store ($2.99)

4. Snappy Word

It won’t take long for Snappy Word to surpass Wordle as one of your favorite Apple Watch apps if you enjoy playing that popular word game. It is a really easy game. Make a meaningful word out of the four-letter grid that is provided to you. And there is a timeframe that you must beat. To create the word, you must swipe the letters.More than 400 difficult levels make up the very addicting game, and the challenge level increases with each level.

Download Snappy Word from the App Store (Free)

5. Ping Pong for Apple Watch

Pong doesn’t require an introduction, and this game puts the fun on your wrist. As the name indicates, Ping Pong for Apple Watch is a game that lets you play ping pong on your wrist. The controls are straightforward and controlled by the digital crown, providing the precise precision you always need in a game of pong. The fact that the game is free only makes it that much better!

Download Ping Pong from the App Store (Free)

6. Tube Twister

An Apple Watch-compatible arcade game is called Tube Twister. You control a runner in this entertaining game who must navigate obstacles and endless tubes in order to get where he’s going. Orbs must be collected along the route to build up power for the speed increase. One of the top Apple Watch pass-the-time games is Tube Twister. You may unlock other characters by earning more orbs and accruing more points in addition to the two playable ones. This game deserves to be on the list since it can be played at 60 frames per second!

Download Tube Twister from the App Store (Free)

7. Lifeline 2

You can play yet another nonlinear narrative game on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. The second installment in the wildly popular Lifeline series, which debuted to rave reviews, is titled Lifeline 2. Although the visuals are nicer, there is a lot of unique material, and there are no in-app purchases, the game’s aesthetic is quite similar to Timecrest’s. The drawback is that Timecrest was free, whereas this would cost you $1.

Download Lifeline 2 from the App Store ($2.99)

8. Jellyfish Tap

Be patient till you play Jellyfish Tap on your Apple Watch if you find Flappy Bird to be addicting. In order to advance and get more points in this tapping game, you must dodge obstacles like a jellyfish. Although it may seem simple at first, the game quickly becomes challenging. It will quickly become your favorite Apple Watch game because to its vivid theme and very sensitive controls, which will make you an addict.

Download Jellyfish Tap from the App Store (Free)

9. Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!

You should certainly check out Dare the Monkey on your Apple Watch if you enjoy playing platformer games. In this game, which has a monkey as the main character, your goal is to navigate different traps and monsters in order to reach the level’s finish.

It’s an unexpectedly enjoyable and difficult game with adorably cute visuals that looks made for the Apple Watch’s display.

Download Dare the Monkey from the App Store (Free)

10. Chess

There is excellent news for brain-game enthusiasts! Even on your Apple Watch, you can play chess. On watchOS 9, you may play chess not just against the computer but also against people all around the world.

You may play the game for free online and compete with other people. Although the design is straightforward, there is a leaderboard so you can keep track of your progress and score.

Download Chess from the App Store (Free)

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