Top 10 Best Minecraft Servers You Must Check Out

The vast majority of people who play Minecraft concur that the experience of the game is centered online. The multiplayer world provides something for everyone, whether it’s the entertaining parkour Minecraft servers or just the joy of playing with your buddies. In order for you to fully appreciate the power of online multiplayer gameplay, we are here to present a list of the top Minecraft servers that you must play on. They contain everything, from creative home design concepts to potent modpacks that alter the game on a global scale. All you want is a device with the most recent Minecraft 1.18 update installed. However, many servers enable players to connect without any problems using earlier versions. Did you also know that you can play on all of these fantastic servers for free? Yeah, with such fantastic news, let’s look at the top Minecraft servers you should test in 2023 right away.

Best Free Minecraft Servers

We select each server based on its individuality, vibrant community, and overall experience. However, there is no ranking of the list. Each Minecraft server may be explored at your leisure using the table below.

1. Brawl

Exclusive modifications, plugins, and textures are available on our inaugural Minecraft server. Instead of having community modifications like many other online servers, Brawl takes pride in its original content that is unique. On this server, you may expect to find games like capture the flag, raids, and even zombie survival.

Even a special creative mode is available, complete with all the assistance you need to create your next work of art. And to top it all off, Brawl has a Party zone where you can play short yet fun mini-games.

2. Hypixel – Best Minecraft Server

The biggest Minecraft server in the world is an excellent place to start if you want to join a community that is constantly expanding. Hypixel has it all, including weekly tournaments, often updated new material, and an infinite number of things to attempt. Because of the distinct maps, buyable objects, and independent community, Hypixel should in many respects resemble a standalone game built on Minecraft.

This features practically all the enjoyable Minecraft mini-games you could ask for, like paintball, Bedwars, murder mysteries, and vampires. There are several customizable Minecraft biomes there for you to explore if nothing else piques your interest.

3. Among Us Performium

One of the most talked-about video games from the epidemic period is honored on this Minecraft server. The popularity of Among Us may have recently been waning, but this server’s player count shows that it still has plenty of life in it. There is more to the server than just the game-based mode.

On this Minecraft server, there are a ton of additional creative, survival, and minigame modes. Thanks to a range of current single-player competitive community games, you don’t even need to bring your group of pals.

4. MineHeroes

One of the rare servers that supports both the Bedrock and Java versions of the game comes next on our list of the top Minecraft servers. The frequently published original Minecraft maps are this server’s main feature; each one astounds gamers. Beyond those locations, there are a variety of game types available, such as jail and survivor.

There is also a distinct environment with buildings, sky blocks, and strange animals to explore if roleplay isn’t your thing. Additionally, you may buy in-game stuff from their store to open up premium experiences.

5. Pixelmon on PocketPixel

The nicest feature of Pixelmon Craft as a story-based server is that you can play it alone as well. You get to embark on a journey to collect and battle Pokemon, just like the original Pokemon games. Even in-game figures like Ash’s mother, the professor, and others are present. Being an online server allows you to occasionally chat with Pokemon fans from across the world while traveling.

In addition to the online server, one of the greatest Minecraft modifications for offline play is Pixelmon. Not to mention, you can readily identify the Pokemon on this server because they aren’t in the standard Minecraft block design.

6. Roleplay-Hub

This server, which is now focused on school and fantasy roleplay, is the ideal setting for you to experiment with various Minecraft settings and in-game events. For the greatest possible experience if you enjoy story-based games, both the players and the moderators take the roleplay topics seriously.

For those who need a break from roleplaying and wish to engage with a welcoming community, there is also a creative mod. The world can appear somewhat different on Java and Bedrock versions, but it still functions on both.

7. SkyBlock Network

This is one of the top Minecraft servers that includes all the nice features that other servers have, like lovely constructions, uncommon mobs, and entertaining minigames. But all of that is situated on the edges of blocks that are constantly floating through the air. You must use caution as a Skyblock player to avoid falling off.

However, once you’ve found it out, the rest of the world is really interesting. Before joining this server, you might want to read our tutorial on how to prevent fall damage in Minecraft for some further assistance.

8. Mineplex

One of the most well-liked online servers for Java and Minecraft Bedrock is Mineplex. There are a ton of games to select from and there are always enough gamers online. Sky-wars, survival games, cake wars, and even cooperative building games are available. So, if a community-based server is your primary priority, this was created with gamers like you in mind.

One of the most entertaining servers is Mineplex, which has material for all kinds of gamers. There is a store where you may purchase a ton of in-game exclusives.

9. OmegaCraft

On our list of the top Minecraft servers, this is the only non-English server. The Omega vessel has a ton of adventures for you to try, despite the fact that you might have to work a little to get to the appropriate areas. It provides a variety of players with unique game types, including a hunger games-style gameplay.

To participate in group-based events, you may even create a group or faction with other players you meet online. But if you’re concerned about the language barrier, you may either utilize Duolingo applications or the server’s simple English instructions.

10. Grand Theft Minecraft

GTA Online and Minecraft are the two most popular online communities, according to online community rankings. This server is aware of this and has created the GTA world as a Minecraft server for you to explore. There isn’t much information available about the server’s active community, but if you like the Grand Theft Auto series, visiting the iconic Los Santos sites in Minecraft is a lot of fun.

You can even find and investigate a subterranean network there. If nothing else awes you, you may always climb Vinewood mountain to take in the stunning metropolis.

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