18 best free MMORPGs for Macs in 2024

Even our favorite Android RPGs aren’t as ambitious as the best MMORPGs available on the Ap Store. From futuristic games with mind-blowing graphics to space-faring massively multiplayer online games where you’ll explore the cosmos. These games are made much more enjoyable by their online component, which allows you to create guilds, play PvP, or just show off.

To find the greatest MMOs for all types of gamers, we searched the ApStore. Although we’ve chosen a broad range of games, they’re all massively multiplayer online games, so they’re all rather complex. Although you can play them all on your phone, we suggest getting a low-cost Android tablet to better process all the information these games will provide.

Best MMORPGs on Android in 2024

1. RuneScape

RuneScape is an MMO that is updated often and has a lot of content, even if it is not as popular as its Old School cousin. It has switched to more dynamic gaming in recent years, reducing the grind that has long defined RuneScape. Although it strikes a good mix between action and grind, this is one of the list’s most laid-back titles overall.

Depending on your point of view, RuneScape has experienced significant changes throughout the years, either for the better or worse. However, RuneScape is a great option if you’re searching for a casual MMO that welcomes new players.

2. Rucoy Online

The typical ultra-realistic MMO is a welcome diversion from Rucoy Online. All the clichés you would expect from an MMO are there, yet the presentation is pixel-perfect, with 2D sprites populating the terrain. Although it lacks some complexity, it has a ton of features that make it entertaining to play.

Although Rucoy Online has all the characteristics of a massively multiplayer online game, it’s a touch narrow with only three character classes. But if you lack the time to dedicate to a more extensive MMO, it can be ideal for you.

3. Old School RuneScape

The original RuneScape game, adapted for mobile devices, is available on Android as Old School RuneScape. Its point-and-click interface, top-down viewpoint, and simple gameplay make it ideal for mobile devices. Additionally, its well-thought-out UI simplifies character management. You can explore hundreds of hours of content, and even without a subscription, there is still a ton of free-to-play stuff available. You still have the Ironman mountain to climb, even if you do what most others don’t and reach the pinnacle of your abilities.

Because Old School RuneScape is based on the 2007 RuneScape edition, the gameplay is addictive yet a touch old. For a more contemporary take on the same thing, check out RuneScape. You may continue playing on PC where you left off on mobile because both games are cross-platform.

4. DOFUS Touch

A well-known PC MMO gets ported onto DOFUS Touch, much like Old School RuneScape was. A tactical turn-based fighting system and an emphasis on social interaction characterize DOFUS Touch, a free game. Microtransactions do exist, however they are easily avoided. It’s perfect for those who want an MMO with more of an emphasis on fighting than leveling up abilities.

You’ll note that DOFUS Touch has less content than its desktop equivalent if you’re familiar with the PC edition. You won’t, however, run out of things to do very soon because there is a ton of stuff to keep you busy. If you’re looking for an MMO that promotes active gaming, try out DOFUS Touch.

5. MU Origin 3

While not the most inventive MMO, MU Origin 3 is undoubtedly one of the best. The combination of automated and manual controls ensures that things never get too monotonous or repetitive, even though the sheer number of functions can occasionally appear overwhelming. If you want to check out the screen of one of the top Android phones that you recently purchased, this is ideal.

The primary feature that distinguishes MU Origin 3 from its rivals is the battle system. While point-and-click gaming works well in titles like Old School RuneScape, MU Origin 3 promotes a quick-witted and dynamic gameplay style. MMO combat may range from soothing to boring, but MU Origin 3 never lets the action get boring. If you’re looking for a contemporary game that stays fairly close to the traditional MMO format, give it a try.

6. Toram Online

A surprisingly open massively multiplayer online game, Toram Online promotes exploration and customisation. You’re not restricted to classes or skill trees, and the breathtaking panoramic views are a perk in and of themselves. Toram’s visuals aren’t very innovative, but the environment is made to maximize their potential.

While Toram Online doesn’t really change the traditional massively multiplayer online model, its special features and fluid gameplay make it worth a try. If Genshin Impact doesn’t appeal to you and you’re sick of generic fantasy settings, play this instead.

7. Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

The most recent title in this list is Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. With its stunning visuals and all the features you would expect from a contemporary MMO, it’s an absolutely must-play game. If the images look familiar, that’s because Studio Ghibli handled all of the Cross Worlds animation.

This game features amazing graphics in addition to a deep plot and cast of characters. It’s an amazing creation that demonstrates the potential of a mobile massively multiplayer online game. Try this out for a contemporary, well-executed MMO that won’t let you down.

8. Adventure Quest 3D

While this isn’t always the case, MMOs are often adventures that take years to finish. Try Adventure Quest if you’re searching for an MMO you can finish before the universe goes to cold. You can achieve the maximum level in less than a year if you play for a few hours every other day. Here, you won’t find lengthy quest lines or intense PvP combat. Rather, you get a lighthearted, simple, laid-back MMO.

This game doesn’t have a lot of monetization. There are choices to purchase other classes and cosmetics, just as in any MMO, but there are no pay-to-win elements. This is a great place to start if you’ve never played an MMO before or are looking for a lighthearted, enjoyable game.

9. Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is a novel approach to the classic MMO format. Instead of being dropped into another magical realm populated by elves and orcs, you’re handed a spaceship and told to “good luck!” Since it’s built from the ground up to be a sandbox, you may experiment and explore right away. It’s an intricate MMO that is very different from Adventure Quest, yet you won’t require spreadsheets like you would with its bigger brother Eve Online.

For seasoned Eve Online players, though, it’s difficult to suggest. Many aspects that are great for mobile gaming are eliminated, and those players will really miss them. But for those looking for an entertaining MMO with a space theme, this is a must-play.

10. Black Desert Mobile

Give this a try if visual effects and graphics are your top priority. Black Desert hits the mark in achieving an incredibly realistic look. The game has a striking appearance, which only gets better when the spells start to fly.

Black Desert’s mechanics are somewhat typical among MMOs. Along with your primary objective, there are side tasks, a PvP option that is relatively limited, and other little things. The visuals of Black Desert have one major flaw: sometimes they are overly detailed and blend together into a disorienting chaos. Instead, play it on one of the greatest Android tablets you own.

11. Maple Story

A delightful 2D MMO in the chibi style, Maple Story makes you grin. It’s not often that a game can be this happy and have enough material to keep you playing for months on end, therefore we heartily suggest Maple Story to anybody who is even somewhat interested in massively multiplayer online environments.

The advantage of Maple Story is that it is a 2D bundle with the same amount of material as RuneScape or Albion. This makes the game more about hopping around and hitting monsters than it is about clicking repeatedly or grinding out points.

12. Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Stormfall is the perfect game for you if you enjoy amazing survival games but want something with a multiplayer twist. By exploring into the wild, you’ll develop your character and establish your foundation from scratch. Bosses to beat, enormous spiders to fight, and dungeons to treasure are all included.

A crucial component of the Stormfall experience is PvP. To maintain your foundation, you may create factions and alliances, but you must always be alert. If you’re looking for a fantasy survival game that will test and reward you constantly, give it a try.

13. Nova Empire

If Eve Echoes’ setting appealed to you but you felt overwhelmed by the experience, Nova Empire is the place for you. With a stronger emphasis on PvP, it’s advisable to start off with a more well-known clan. If not, it will be difficult for you to protect your base from attackers.

Though often harsh, Nova Empire offers enormous rewards. Although the option for constructing ships is a little basic, building your own fleets to deploy is always a lot of fun. But if you want an MMO that is always changing, seek elsewhere as there haven’t been any significant content additions recently.

14. Grow Stone Online

Another excellent MMO that demonstrates that incredibly realistic MMOs aren’t necessary is Grow Stone Online. It’s a great option for anyone looking for an MMO that’s easy to get started with but yet has plenty of room for advancement. You will combine objects as you gather them to create stronger ones. It’s a compelling, if not very difficult, experience thanks to a good fusion of casual and MMO elements.

If you’re sick and weary of the same old MMO grind, try Grow Stone Online. Even though it’s a calm experience, you might go back to it for weeks at a time.

15. SimpleMMO

MMOs are fundamentally about grinding. SimpleMMO primarily relies on this, substituting text and 2D pixel sprites for 3D images. It’s the ideal method to kill time since, despite its straightforward exterior, it has a surprising depth.

For those who love to play fantastic idle games but would want more interaction, SimpleMMO is ideal. If you want to play an MMO without having to deal with pointless supplementary content, try SimpleMMO.

16. Diablo Immortal

The microtransactions in Diablo Immortal may have drawn criticism when it first launched, but this is standard for MMORPGs. Diablo Immortal has the most enjoyable fighting system on this list; it blends fast-paced action-RPG gameplay with a shared open environment.

The microtransactions are worth mentioning again since, as you play, they get more and more ingrained in the game. But if you’re searching for an MMORPG to kill a few hours every now and then, Diablo Immortal is ideal.

17. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is over ten years old, and an MMO’s longevity is what makes it good. Given its age, this MMO isn’t the most inventive because it dates back to a time when the majority of MMOs had similar designs. But because of its longevity—it’s still being updated today—there’s a lot to explore and learn.

For MMO enthusiasts who want not to overcomplicate their online experience, Arcane Legends is ideal. Join forces with friends, create guilds, construct a home, discover an ever-expanding universe, and more. You can definitely find the feature you’re looking for in an MMO in Arcane Legends.

18. Dragon Raja

Try Dragon Raja on one of the greatest Android gaming phones; it has some of the best visuals we’ve seen in a mobile MMO. Though with a future twist, it makes use of real-world surroundings, unlike other MMOs. Even though it’s rife with anime clichés, Dragon Raja’s narrative will keep you interested from beginning to end.

One of the few games accessible through the Google Play Games for PC beta is Dragon Raja. This implies that you won’t miss a beat when playing Dragon Raja when you go from your phone to your computer.

Take a deep dive into the virtual world.

Restricting oneself to Wi-Fi networks might be alluring, but playing all these games requires a steady internet connection. But you can play these amazing MMOs wherever you go without breaking the bank thanks to the greatest value data deals.

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