Top 10 Best Minecraft Village Seeds You Should Try in 2024

When you first venture into the blocky world of Minecraft, you may find that it is a terrifying and isolating place. Because there is nothing for players to do by default and nowhere to go, they may experience feelings of total helplessness. To our good fortune, here is where the towns and villages found in Minecraft come into play. Villages are the safe havens of the game; they are brimming with resources, animals, and inhabitants that may provide you with employment to help you progress through the game. Additionally, with the assistance of our top Minecraft village seeds, you will be able to locate the greatest of these towns immediately after they have spawned. Some of these seeds will even bring you to glitched areas that are nearly hard to reach yet offer a one-of-a-kind experience in Minecraft 1.19. Let’s hurry up and get started with this topic because there is a lot of interesting information to learn.

The Very Best Minecraft Village Seeds

We have discussed seeds for the Java edition of Minecraft as well as the Bedrock edition, and we have tested them on the most recent version of Minecraft (1.19). Alongside the description of each seed and the location of the settlement, you will discover the name of the version that is compatible with the game. In addition, our list is not ordered in any manner, which means that you may investigate each village seed according to your level of interest using the table that is provided below.

1. Delayed Swamp Villages

Even though the Minecraft 1.20 update is only a few months away from release, there is still no confirmation on the location of the swamp inhabitants’ homes. They have been there for quite some time, but the game has not yet generated a settlement for them to inhabit. To our good fortune, the next seed we plant will produce a savanna settlement in close proximity to a mangrove swamp habitat.

To add the long-lost hamlet to your Minecraft world, you need only connect the construction to the appropriate biome and populate it with the appropriate kind of residents. The waiting time for the community will come to an end once the game recognizes the village’s environment and spawns the swamp models of the residents.

  • -2778224909341529171 is the seed code.
  • Savanna Village is the spawn biome, and its coordinates are 705, 62, and 225 (Java).

2. Exposed Mineshaft Next to Village

It’s not unusual to see villages located near to ravines. They constitute the ideal means of execution for both villagers and players equally throughout the game. But the chasm that you have to jump into isn’t quite as deep with this seed. It takes you straight to the entrance of an uncovered mineshaft. You can enter it by foot, gather all of the resources, and then return to the settlement to construct a fortified stronghold there. Right here is where you may look at some of the other finest seeds for building a city or a foundation in Minecraft.

  • Identifier: 5636173029472278327 (Seed Code)
  • Plains Mineshaft is the biome of the spawn location, and its coordinates are 215, 9 and -261 in Java.

3. Villagers are Hunted’

This next best Minecraft village seed has a village that, unlike the majority of those seen in the game, is not a secure location. Because of this, a Pillager outpost will inevitably appear smack dab in the midst of this hamlet. Then, just as you may have anticipated, the pillagers immediately begin slaughtering the villagers the moment they appear on the map. The iron golem will make an effort to stop them, but if you don’t intervene, it won’t stand a chance.

Remember that the one good thing that may come out of all of this commotion is that you can easily discover and release the Allays from their prison in the Pillager Outpost, and before you depart Minecraft, you can pick up a goat horn.

  • -4541735665408914819 is the seed code.\
  • Plains Village is the default spawn biome, and its coordinates are 272, 82, 249 (Bedrock).

4. Village Stuck in Swamp

Our next village seed will place you in close proximity to a large biome consisting of mangrove wetlands. It is difficult to find your way around because of its high density. If you are able to make it to the middle of this biome, you will find a tiny desert region with a zombie settlement in it. You have the option of utilizing it as a base of operations or repopulating it with villagers.

  • The seed’s identifier is: 618942075558609331
  • Plains Village is the default spawn biome, and its coordinates are 872, 79, 744 (Bedrock).

5. Mansion in the Village with Underground Huts

It is expected that Woodland mansions would be difficult to find and will not be located close to spawn. However, we will spawn directly next to a mansion if we use this seed, and this particular mansion is unlike any other in the game. A town in the plains may be found not just on top of this mansion but also adjacent to it, inside of it, and even below it.

It is extremely unlikely that one will ever come across another glitched seed that has these two contrasting structures forming at the spawnpoint. However, doing so is probably for the best given that the villagers are going to be hunted as soon as this planet is loaded in your game.

  • 37021689 is the Seed Code.
  • Plains is the spawn biome for the mansion, and its coordinates are 81, 100, and 139 (Java).
  • The coordinates for the Underground Hut in Java are 54, 82, and 108.
  • The coordinates for the second underground hut are: 44, 61, 115 (Java).
  • Location: 81, 100, and 139 (Java) for the Hut on Top of the Mansion.

6. Ultimate Speed Run Seed

This Minecraft village seed is also likely to be among the top speedrun seeds that you can get in Minecraft version 1.19. You will spawn in a location that is convenient to both a settlement and a fortress. You will be able to obtain all of the necessary supplies from the hamlet, after which you will be able to proceed to the fortress. You will notice that its portal already has five eyes of ender constructed within it when you arrive at that location.

In most cases, portals will either not have any eyes or will have a maximum of two eyes. However, because you already possess five eyes, you won’t need to go as far to the Nether, and you’ll be able to set a new record for your speedrunning ability thanks to this incredible seed.

  • The Seed Coupon for 9232
  • Coordinates for the End Portal are: 1202, 7, -903 in Java. The coordinates for the Village are: -159, 70, 119 in Java.

7. Spawn Near Seven Villages

If you have a soft spot in your heart for quaint little towns, you are going to adore our next variety. It will spawn you at the ideal location, which is in close proximity to not one but seven different communities. There are snowy villages and taiga villages among them. The taiga villages make up four of them. Because of this, you not only obtain an incredible quality with this seed, but also an incredible amount. Even though each of these towns is less than a thousand blocks away from your starting location, you will need to ascend a few mountains in order to get there.

  • – 997106344756191692 is the seed code.
  • The coordinates for the nearest Snowy Village are: 200, 112, -328 (Bedrock).
  • The coordinates for the nearest Taiga village are: -216, 77, -248 (Bedrock).

8. Jungle Temple Next to an Almost Jungle Village

For years, a number of users within the community have requested that Minecraft have Jungle settlements. Despite the fact that our seed does not provide us with anything, it does generate some jungle villagers who live in a hamlet alongside plains residents.

Because of the collision of biomes, the residents from both types of biomes will spawn in the same hamlet, producing an unusual sight. The fact that there is a forest temple close by that you may plunder before settling down in the hamlet makes the situation much more favorable.

  • The seed’s identifier is: 1087547752018957070.
  • The coordinates of the Temple in Bedrock are: -778, 100, 164, while the coordinates of the Village in Bedrock are: -868, 105, 184.

9. Desert Pyramid in Village Surrounded by Mangrove Swamp

This seed, as you could have predicted, provides us with a contrasted landscape. It gives us a piece of the desert biome, which in Minecraft is often bordered by water and mangrove swamps. The piece of desert is not very huge, but it encompasses everything that can be found in a desert, including a settlement, a number of wells, and even a pyramid in the desert. Therefore, players of Minecraft who enjoy the desert biome or are simply looking for a one-of-a-kind and fortunate community should use this seed.

  • The seed’s identifying number is: 2634434878889597772
  • Bedrock’s Temple and Village Can Be Found at These Coordinates: -200, 75, 264

10. Survival Island Village

Survival islands are among the most exciting and rewarding ways to explore the vast universe that Minecraft has to offer. And our following nugget will prove to you that the ordeal was well worth it. It teleports us to a massive island that already contains a settlement made of savanna vegetation. You may begin your adventure of the ocean after returning to the settlement and gathering the necessary supplies to construct a boat. A town will be created if you use this seed, which is compatible with both versions of the game and works to generate one. However, the location of the settlement on each of these maps is rather dissimilar to one another.

  • -2927611868038818840 is the seed code for this project.
  • Bedrock is located in the coordinates 264, 71, and -376.
  • The coordinates of the village in Java are 160, 71, and -336.

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